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M is for Marla

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by , 08-09-2008 at 01:14 AM (24405 Views)
This past Father's Day weekend (June 14-15, 2008), I hired four local models to work at
Camp Far West: two on Saturday, two on Sunday. I previously covered the New Year's
Day gathering of V-drives and jetboats at the lake, but it had been too cold to do any
swimsuit photography. This time, I planned to do a lot of it.

But the best laid plans of mice and men often go straight to hell.

First of all, only one of the models, Marla Gutierrez, showed up on Saturday. This
meant she had to do the work of two girls. Unfortunately, neither of the two bitches, I
mean models, whom I had hired showed up on Sunday — no phone call, no text, no
excuse, no apologies. Rassin', frassin'....

Still, thank God that Marla didn't flake. I had found her to be very friendly in our initial
email correspondence. Here were the photos she shared with me when she first made

On the day of the shoot, Marla showed up on time, which in my experience is practically unheard of in the world
of modeling. A Mexican gal, Marla was just as friendly in person as she was online, but there was definitely
something unusual about her: she didn't seem to have any recollection about any of the things we had
talked about via email! Time and time again, she appeared to be totally clueless regarding various topics
we had only recently discussed online. I was starting to wonder if maybe this woman was suffering from some
kind of serious memory deficiency. Finally, she admitted that it had been her boyfriend I was talking to for the
past month! In a way, I felt duped, but I was glad she told me...I was beginning to have serious doubts about
her mental faculties.

Here are some of my more flattering photos of Marla. I know there are many guys on the boards who prefer
natural to enhanced, but the argument could be made that enhanced is preferable to nothing at all.

Obviously, this was my first time shooting Marla, but we worked well together. She took direction extremely well, and was eager to try any pose I threw at her. One thing that surprised me was the large tattoo on her stomach. I don't mind small tats, as they are easy enough to erase in Photoshop. But this one was fairly large, not in an ideal position, and not the most appealing I've ever seen. It would be difficult to get rid of in every single photo I used, but I think most people would agree she looks better without it. What do you think?

From a distance, that tattoo just looks like a huge, ugly birthmark. I guess it was supposed to be a depiction of the sun, but it reminded me a bit of Sinistar, a character from a video game I played back in the late 1970s....

After shooting with a couple of different swimsuits, Marla suggested she change into a pink and yellow striped suit with matching leggings. Although our #1 model Cherie later said she didn't care for the stockings, I thought they looked pretty hot, and every guy I have shown the photos to reacted quite favorably to them. Obviously, I'd love to know your opinion.

One of the sexiest female poses ever is the "plumber's crack," which I frequently
see in magazines like Maxim and my personal Bible, Smooth Girl.
I think — I hope — we will see this more and more in publications. I'm doing
my part to popularize it, even if the model I'm shooting doesn't necessarily
look phenomenal from that particular angle.

Inevitably at these shoots, the bikini top comes off, and the boobies are hidden
to achieve an effect known in the business as "implied nudity." As far as I am
concerned, this is the next-breast thing to actual nudity. Marla seemed more
than happy to oblige.

Look for Marla in the upcoming print issue of PB. It was great working with her...and
I hope you'll join me in actively praying for very horrible things to happen to those
lying liars who stood me up on Sunday!

Let me know what you think of Marla by adding a comment to this blog below.

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Updated 09-25-2012 at 02:42 PM by BrettDawg

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  1. Tiggle - Bitties's Avatar
    Thanks again Brett for the mornin wood! Seems like you've got to book twice the models you hope to shoot as the number of flakes blows me away! They must have "night jobs" that lead to "oversleeping" when they should be on the boat. I agree about the tattoo and was thinking that it was a distraction before you wrote about it.
  2. Mr.Vector's Avatar
    not that hot
  3. Rio's Avatar
    Master Photog, While I positive think that there was a major-malfunction of your camera, substandard pics are not acceptable. I'm sorry and don't wish to offend however Marla is not using her talents in the correct venue. Boats are not her thing however Maybe Mikey over at the rods and lowrider mags might keep her busy.
    I really think I should see it in print so please sign me up.
    ps..If this is a family oriented publication I can get you some reall hotties, that might not make 18 but we can get their Momma's approval.
  4. atomickitn's Avatar
    well to say that maria is smoking hot would be an overstatement.. but she is not bad to look at.. she did seem to need a tan and her tattoo is less desirable.. not that I don't like tats on hot chicks but when they are done and placed in the correct locations the are sexy... at least Maria did show up on time and even fulfill her commitment and it even looks as if she was a pleasure to work with... thanks for the hard work Brett and keep up the great work..
  5. Deano's Avatar
    I can only think that she is shown for us/me to critique so here it goes.
    I see beauty in all women in one way or another. I am married to a stunning mexican/italian woman that used to model, so I have a thing for these types. She knew her place and bathing suits was one of them. Marla looks beautiful in her club wear, but not "model" material laying on a boat. She is alittle pale, the tattoo is trashy, and the picture of her with the top around the waist has alot to be desired (unless I'm 15 and locked in the bathroom) She has a nice body, but maybe just needs some makeup to make her look like she isn't sweating and her color blends.
    Did you get some?
  6. cab_01's Avatar
    The tattoo needs to go. Her face in the photos she sent you looks good, but for some reason her face looks wierd in your pics.

    my .02
  7. TRG's Avatar
    To be 100% honest here, if i had not seen the non-boating pics (Which are good!) i would have thought you were trying to pull the wool over my eyes here Brett,...although the breasts are large,...who's are not these days???lol
    with the sweat on her entire face leads me to believe she had a late night and is just sweating it out on the bow!
    The wife thought that she was transexual, until she saw the non-boating pics!!
    I was expecting a large "EL MONTE" tatto across her lower back when the backside pics came up! sorry could'nt resist!
  8. 20" gun's's Avatar
    WOW! What a waste of money.
  9. dGeezer51's Avatar
    Honestly... I do not know why so many were complaining about Marla's looks and/or your photography. She is really hot and the photos are very good. Maybe my opinion is different because I do not work in the business and no longer own a fine camera. I agree on your take about the tat... She looks better without it. The "implied nudity" photo taken with her in the red bikini was the only one with which I saw fault and it was not with her or the picture quality. That red top just hanging there in front of her detracted from the photo. You can't help but look at it and your attention be drawn away from her. This was a fine set. Keep up the good work!
  10. Marla G's Avatar
    Updated 09-24-2012 at 05:55 PM by Marla G

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