Only going about 50 mph on the second day of owning my Shockwave (used 2001) when the bimini top let loose on the drivers side at the main connection to the boat. Stopped pretty quick but I effed it up pretty good. There is one deep scratch in the orange of the flame that will need some color attention. The rest of the scratches are in the white and I think I can buff it out with some good product. A 3M 3 part rubbing compound was recommended? How about the color? I imagine a qualified glass person mixing up a small dab of the right color with some clear over it but I would really like to do it myself and not put it in the shop. I didn't like that spring loaded bimini connection when I bought the boat. Shoulda trusted my instinct. Going to put a pin mounted system in unless anyone has any ideas on that as well? Thanks for the help! See you all @ Lake Mojave and Needles Sep 6th weekend!!!!