[Question] suggestions on stringer/Hull fix
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suggestions on stringer/Hull fix

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    Default suggestions on stringer/Hull fix

    I have a 1984 Sleek Craft Kauai I have been working on. 454, Berkeley jet 12JC-A. original 1/4 stringers. Due to a poor trailer design it has developed a hook in the hull. Starting from about 4' from transom running up to about 10'. The peak of the hook on the port side is about 1/4" deep. On the starboard side it is about 1/2" deep. I have modified the trailer to prevent this from happening again. I replaced the four bunks (2@10' and 2@5' 2x4's) with six 10' long 2x6's with steel supports running the full length of each bunk. One of the previous owners replaced the floor without fixing the hook so now even though the trailer is fixed it will retain the hook in the hull. I plan to run it this season and start these repairs next winter. It has 1/4 stringers. The hull is solid and there are no outward signs of rot in the transom, stringers, or floor under the stringers. My primary use will be skiing and cruising. Occasionally running WOT. I'd like to get the setup efficient, solid, and eventually maybe build the motor up to about 500hp. I will start next season with cutting this floor out and pushing the hull straight and take it from there. Considering my intended purpose and outcome. And if the wood in the hull proves to be solid as it seems... What would be your recommendation for fixing this hull? I have a good amount of experience with fiberglass work. I have set a pump back in another sleek craft, done a pump conversion, replaced one set of stringers and more work. I have been researching everything I can find on this type of work. Probably read every thread on this forum and others on the subject. I'm not concerned with doing the work. My question is simply what would you do?

    1- Easiest seems like it would be to cut the floor out, push hook out as far as possible, fiberglass in a new floor. Leave stringers and transom alone and return it to original design.

    2- replace floor, EXTEND current stringers making 3/4 length, treat all remaining wood with that epoxy that soaks into the wood. (drill holes, inject, etc.. cant think of the name right now) flip and fix bottom.

    3- Replace floor, stringers, leave the rest.

    4- Completely replace all wood and be done with it once and for all. Floor, stringers, transom, floor under stringers.

    Obviously as I start cutting into it and find wood damage I'd keep going. But if it proves to be solid as it seems what would be your recommended fix?

    I purchased the boat from someone on this forum and am loving the boat and all the work i've done on it thus far. I'll post another thread with more questions on the setup, details and share some pics. Thanks for any help.

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    Well for starters have you taken a straight edge to the bottom of the boat , and not to mention that if you have a hook in the bottom of the boat you need to address the problem ( blue printing ) from the bottom ( not the inside out ) which in your case maybe flipping the hull , cutting out the floor ( 1st ) trying to determine just how much needs to be replaced , stringers , transom , etc , prior to flipping the boat , and with that in mind most wood that is rotted will look somewhat blackish & pics would help .

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