The beginning months of the year are always my favorite time to do business. I can sit down with my clients and discuss what they are doing and what they will be trying to accomplish over the next year in regards to business expansion and other finaning opportunities such as buying real estate, etc.

I would ask for you all to really think about your goals over the next year prior to sitting down with your accountant. Think about what you will be doing and who you will be having to turn your past three years tax returns and financial statements over to. Let your accountant know your goals as well so they can position you for that goal in regards to your returns.

For individuals, will you be buying a house? What will it take to qualify? Tell your tax preparation consultant what you will be doing and just don't have them try to save you the most money on taxes. You can save taxes one year or have a lower interest rate for years to come.

Think about your goals this year and good luck. Nobody likes to pay taxes but you need to be making money on paper to get financing these days.