: Paint and Fiberglass Repair

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  1. Painting Chrome
  2. Waterbased Clearcoat
  3. Fiberglass and paint repair need advice
  4. Soda blasting to remove paint
  5. need a little help fiberglass repair
  6. because i do not want anymore paint or fiberglass fixes!!
  7. [Question] Holes In Dash
  8. Fiberglass Supplies in Lake Havasu??
  9. fiberglass supplies
  10. How can I fix this?
  11. Hulldamage on 24'jet boat,repair?
  12. Oxidized Paint
  13. How difficult to reupholster seats at home?
  14. [Question] Advice before buying boat, cosmetic repairs
  15. Gel Coat Recipe
  16. [Question] Gelcoat fading at exaust tip
  17. Duratec Sunshield
  18. replacing my fiberglass tanks-need advice.
  19. whats the best way to replace rotten wood in a transom??
  20. panther pump housing repair advice and materials
  21. New Hondo Boats Name Plate
  22. 73 Stevens floor and stringer replacement
  23. Deck core ?
  24. tiny but long crack
  25. Delamination issues on my Mandella
  26. [Question] Not sure if what I'm seeing is OK or not?
  27. [Question] Cracks in clear resin over wood
  28. Floor in Sleekcraft SST
  29. Gelcoat Fading
  30. splatter paint technique
  31. Is this boat delaminating??
  32. [Question] Wanted gel coat person or company
  33. crack in hull question
  34. enclosed trailer detail
  35. Chromaveil (TM) replacement
  36. Gel coat problems, need assistance
  37. bow rail removal caps
  38. Purple Magnetta Metalflake needed for small repair !!!
  39. Where to purchase end grain balsa?
  40. 21' cheyenne help
  41. Virgin run and earned a few good scratches! Any help?
  42. Virgin run and eanred a few good scratches! Any help?
  43. best material for stringers?
  44. 76 Hondo T-deck needs help
  45. Wood Grain Repair
  46. Water Based Paints
  47. Hydrographics?
  48. [Question] What type of Fiberglass fabric is this?
  49. First painting a hull!
  50. Does 78 Tahiti need side supports?
  51. 73 Cal. performnace
  52. Anyone used Git Rot?
  53. Repair for tank strap bolts that have seperated from floor?
  54. Gelcoat over metal flake???????
  55. A couple Q's on epoxy resin ,glass and Varnish.
  56. Coating inside boat
  57. Stringer Delamination
  58. Paint help on Belmont Flattie
  59. Over spray removal
  60. Shout out to OFFSHORE GINGER....
  61. Need help.....
  62. Removing cover rash from gelcoat
  63. There is "BILLY-B then there is HILL-BILLY>"
  64. You can make a boat to stiff???
  65. Bilge area repair/clean up SST(Artie-Hal please respond)
  66. Removing Oxidation?
  67. adding glass over painted glass
  68. crack along the strake repair??
  69. anyone try this graphite paint from tractor supply?
  70. Any recomended Painters Ventura county?
  71. Plugging holes in stringers
  72. chopping up a tahiti and making it different
  73. Metric to Imperial conversion question
  74. Fiber glass?
  75. Paint shop recondmendation
  76. should I keep it old school?
  77. metal flake/gel question
  78. Hey Five-O or someone: question about Evercoat Feather Fill or G2 topcoat
  79. Help with clear coating a 76 wriest jet!
  80. Cyclo Pro buffer
  81. Fuel vapors eat paint??
  82. Best repair for this problem? help plz
  83. rattle BOMB!
  84. Lets talk about PRESTEC products.
  85. [Question] Getting ready to lay down balsa floors but have a few ?
  86. Valspar Gelcoat
  87. transom span??
  88. Not your average dash question
  89. Stainless fender polish
  90. Question on fiberglass structure modification.
  91. balsa replacement??
  92. Stringer Install Tutorial
  93. bulkhead installation ??
  94. Best primer?
  95. fiberglass mat weight??
  96. Alternative supplier for purchasing High-Bred fabrics .
  97. How can I fix these Cracks!!!!!!!!!
  98. Best place to get fiberglass
  99. Dream paint job
  100. Type of Paint?
  101. Paint advice is hard to find.
  102. closed to retractable open bow
  103. Can this Cap job be one that will last??
  104. advice for stringer and crack repair
  105. Automotive paint over ployester gel?
  106. Automotive paint over ployester gel?
  107. Fiberglass over epoxy problem (help)
  108. Need Help on Fiberglass/Gelcoat repair
  109. Lexan side panels Evolution Pontoon
  110. flow coating
  111. Advice... Delamination...
  112. [Question] Blueing of Headers
  113. Filler UNDER Gelcoat?
  114. Where to put full stringer If at all?
  115. laminating over gel coat
  116. looking for a way to clean adhesive off from old stickers
  117. need help
  118. Filling The Weave
  119. speed coat
  120. Gel coat Repair kit
  121. Basecoat problems under clear
  122. elementary questions..
  123. Installing side tanks
  124. Advise Repairing Stress Cracks
  125. Help finding new stringers
  126. 1975 Anthony Winter paint Job
  127. Fiberglass over stringers for wood to show thru
  128. Gel-coat & Polyester Primer
  129. transom repair shop
  130. carbon fiber
  131. 1977 Sanger gel color
  132. 18' Bubble Deck Jet Marlin Baracuda Rebirth
  133. [Pics] Crack in fiberglass need opinions look at pic
  134. Gel coat restoration products, opinions?
  135. [Question] Open bow mod? Doable?
  136. mold release
  137. [Question] boat id numbers
  138. Floor Fix
  139. looking for some ideas on stripping clear off gelcoat....
  140. gel coat question
  141. Gelcoat ?
  142. Color matching gel-coat
  143. Paint vs. gel coat?
  144. bulkhead repair
  145. Paging Offshore Ginger
  146. Gel coat repair? New Bee
  147. Tonneau Cover Paint
  148. [Question] Looking for advice on keeping classic wood boats on desert lakes in the winter
  149. What tools and what brands of tools
  150. Clear gel coat
  151. Stress cracking
  152. [Question] Should I glass the entire floor in or just the edges?
  153. New Gauges, Repairing the Holes?
  154. How to Fix This? - Stringer Glass Work
  155. Clear Coat or Paint?
  156. Gelcoat, single stage, or base coat/clear coat
  157. Decided to go back with the origioal configuration ... just added a little extra
  158. [Question] can you use pressure treated wood with fiberglass??
  159. What should i coat the mini jet with?
  160. Mirror-like gelcoat finish
  161. How to fix dip or sag in the fiberglass on the deck??
  162. floor and stringer repair
  163. I have a question about epoxy and Gel coat
  164. Just had boat painted and have ???s
  165. Question /Lake Havasu
  166. Best Materials to repair my boat??
  167. need help sanger 1969
  168. New stringers for my Taylor Jet
  169. Stringer repair FAIL!
  170. need resto!!
  171. gel goat over metal
  172. Light weight tx-19 fiberglass guru's please help?????
  173. Keel crack
  174. Need Help With paint
  175. Fiberglass Hull Repair - sawcut
  176. wet sand and buff..
  177. Replacement Windshield
  178. Wax!!
  179. Tiki paint job.
  180. How to properly store a boat mold? Need advise
  181. Fine line and striping questions
  182. Fuel proof resin
  183. Resin question?
  184. what the heck?
  185. How to repair a gellcoat Fade
  186. rub strip replacement
  187. Looking for Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repair Person
  188. old metal flake
  189. Silicone aplication question
  190. Kona pics
  191. Good Fiberglass Shop In Bay Area?
  192. Floor and stringer replacement
  193. oops,came in too fast
  194. start of 74 Kona jet boat rebuild
  195. boat cap inside bonding??
  196. [Question] Repainting my jet drive
  197. reinstall gas tanks
  198. New Paint Questions...
  199. recomedations appricated
  200. Fiberglass cracking
  201. putting the top back onto the bottm?
  202. Floor Question
  203. Striping and borders
  204. Impact or Stress Crack
  205. pinstriping
  206. Gel coat question?
  207. Best way to fix transom rot
  208. Gelling floor and stringers in a jet boat
  209. Reglassing a Sanger Five Rib
  210. Floor question
  211. need Gel coat advice...prices?
  212. spectra seat frames
  213. Whats the best Berkeley Jet Pump Paint and Floor Paint???
  214. Cole TR-2 transom cracks
  215. Removing painted name from rear of hull
  216. Stringer delam
  217. talent
  218. Compound and buffing attachment?
  219. Gettin a ton of holes filled
  220. V-drive water pick up ?
  221. Started to cap the boat!
  222. Through Hull nut and bolt for rub rail, needed?
  223. lump in deck from bulkhead
  224. Cracks in newly sprayed gelcoat??? Please help!!
  225. My Old Beezer
  226. Paint Gun Suggestions
  227. stringer replacement question
  228. Tahiti stringer replacement
  229. Advice needed plz
  230. [Pics] Daytona Sprint Restoration
  231. Any reason I shouldnt?? glass only bulkhead Q??
  232. paint question
  233. "Looking for left over Cloth"
  234. Looking for a reputable painter..norcal
  235. Fiberglass Info
  236. Spraying Duratec on bilge and center of boat
  237. Huge thanks to Offshore Ginger
  238. how to fix my floor??
  239. deck cracks on hallet need advise
  240. Transom exhaust hole repair
  241. Fiberglass repair books?
  242. Anyone used ipe decking lumber for stringer replacement?
  243. nostalgia air scoops
  244. Undercoating a trailer?
  245. wondering if this is enough support for boat hull?
  246. A free download a book on fiberglassing and boat construction 406 pages
  247. Delamination and Stringer Repair
  248. stringer question
  249. Removing Sanger Tank pads?
  250. Advice needed...