: Political Rhetoric

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  1. "O's" News Confrence today
  2. When Obamacare becomes a reality
  3. Holder...(rant warning)
  4. Now the President is "Money Laundering" who's surprised?
  5. It's Official! He's now increased the debt more than every preceding pres combine!
  6. Palin says "No thank you" to presidential candidacy now
  7. The president by the numbers
  8. Obammies Jobs Bill...
  9. Joke of 2011
  10. More lies from the WH and First Family
  11. Check My Man Out..."B"!
  12. Why would I work? Thats what taxpayers are for!
  13. Let Us Pray
  14. Hopey!
  15. Shocked!
  16. Senator Chuck Grassley
  17. California Voters
  18. Oops! Solyndra is getting worse for the White House by the day!
  19. Budget - Is our government just clueless
  20. The little boy who started a sex change ..... oh my.
  21. Black Panther Threatens Student Activist for Passing Out Constitutions
  22. Off PRF topic, but....
  23. It Has Bugun
  24. Not one opinion about killing Al Awlaki??
  25. Silence is Golden
  26. Revelation
  27. Did Biden say that?
  28. A video for all you Romney and Obama supporters...
  29. Undecided voters will decide 2012...
  30. Dreeaaammmyyyy
  31. Nope
  32. WH in Melt Down Mode...Too many Scandals, the Wookie not happy these days
  33. Did you notice who he threatened?
  34. GREEN! It's what's for dinner!
  35. Health Insurance Costs Continue to Rise...
  36. Shut down hell...lets suspend the whole election process!
  37. Iran......no big deal?
  38. More from Barry's Red Coat troops.....
  39. One more blow to the Constitution....Natural Born Citizen clause
  40. Herman Cain in 2012....because he's not a politician!!
  41. Go Ahead Shut It Down!!
  42. I Can't Imagine!!
  43. Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmyyyyyyyy^y
  44. The Muslim Brotherhood, "No threat whatsoever"
  45. Racist Rant
  46. Bake Sale at Berkeley
  47. Obama tells Blacks to get back on the (Democrat Plantation)
  48. Scary stuff re Obama care
  49. Nobody but Cain is bringing in real NEW ideas.
  50. edjukation!
  51. "Under the radar" gun control
  52. Tonight's GOP Presidential Debate
  53. How should the growing income gap in America be addressed?
  54. ACLU Sues Florida Welfare Drug Testing
  55. It keeps getting better.....
  56. President Zero
  57. Are Lawyers to blame?????? Interesting!!
  58. Boa!!
  59. Why is our economy struggling, you ask?
  60. DADT is history
  61. Pass This $235,263 "PER JOB" Bill Now!
  62. HMMMMM... makes you wonder about the times we live in...
  63. Paying your fair Share
  64. Printed in the Chicago Tribune
  65. Funny One!!
  66. Lawsuit against the Dems
  67. "But if you love me you've got to help me pass this bill."
  68. Just Wondering? Asking all Liberals.
  69. Happy Constitution Day!
  70. Slip, slip, slippen' away!
  71. Is there a trend here?
  72. Killing in the name
  73. Obama 2012 is looking for
  74. Ri$ing Price$ on Ga$ coming! Thank a Kenyan!
  75. Ri$ing Price$ on
  76. Washington Post: Obama Green Jobs Cost $5 Million Each
  77. Rod Blagojevich...
  78. Dennis Miller!!
  79. Missing campaign funds?
  80. OK, Even California may be salvageable! Here's Proof
  81. Pretty Creepy, "O"s got a new website
  82. "O" s SS# flagged by E-Check
  83. How apropos! News from Kenya about American Poverty
  84. Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme!
  85. Solyndra May Take White House Down???
  86. GOP wins WEINER SEAT????
  87. China..........
  88. Backlash towards The White House
  89. the presidents big plan! what a f'ing joke
  90. Household Income Falls, Poverty Rate Rises More ugly truth!
  91. Sad but True
  92. Costa Mesa, California
  93. Can someone eplain to me
  94. Is this a good use of STIMULOOSE funding???
  95. Survival camps
  96. Terrible Herbst in Havasu NOT flying flag at HALF MAST
  97. USPS... -$8.5 Billion in 2010
  98. FBI raids Solyndra
  99. Flight 93.....
  100. Nypd, papo, fdny
  101. Libs claim 9-11 was by Bush, so why not this???
  102. BOA screws the little guy AGAIN!
  103. Ouch! The truth really hurts!
  104. Ah, those silly union boys are at it again!
  105. Dust, no kidding, dust....
  106. President's Campaign speech tonight.
  107. Perry and Gore
  108. Oh the vitriol!!!!!!!!!!!
  109. California Dream Act
  110. Have you guys seen this?
  111. First =Fast and the Furious,now Gibson Guitars
  112. Illinois is the only state that..............
  113. Thank God the recovery worked!
  114. Barry's plan all along to acheive single payer......
  115. CA has lost it's mind.........
  116. Jimmy Hoffa Threatens GOP!!!!!!
  117. this real american telling it like it is on china and america
  118. Post 'em up here! All the real benefits of the UN for America
  119. What is the real unemployment in America????
  120. Where Environmentalism Ends and Marxism Begins...
  121. Maxine Waters.... The Brilliance!!!
  122. Palin
  123. China is NOT Our Friend
  124. Dave Ramsey compares the US Budget to a household . . .
  125. Unemployment numbers
  126. bobo...................Cop Killa
  127. Hey, what the heck happened to the "O" Trolls
  128. Jobs report today, "Labor Day" needs 4 more letters...
  129. speech- what a F'ing joke!!!!!!!!
  130. The Gibson Raid
  131. It's time to pay attention
  132. DOJ tell Gibson Guitar to Export more US Jobs.
  133. How Washington pays Big Green to sue the government
  134. The economy in 2013, what do you guys think??
  135. the Stimulus at work
  136. 9-9-9 Plan
  137. Leadership,...........who'd ya rather follow ?...............
  138. Obama Is A Piece Of Shit
  139. Perry and Jobs
  140. Fed Judge doesn't care about O Breakiing the law.
  141. Drrrrreeeeeaaaammmyyyyy!!!
  142. Political spelling test
  143. bobo's life insurance
  144. Colon Powell: Serious Puke
  145. Rick Perry- The way he sees it
  146. Hey SBJet, what do you know about
  147. O's uncle popped 4 DUI detained as an Illegal
  148. The Kenyan's Legacy: Debt of $50,000 per Second
  149. Thank you from Michelle
  150. obamaspast.com
  151. Feds buying up farmland they flooded; Soros in on it
  152. Dddrrrrrrrreeeeeeeamy!
  153. Perry and the Constitution: #1
  154. shaking my head yet again
  155. Bill Clinton approves of Bachmann's run for the presidency!
  156. Ever wonder where he came from?????????? I aint talkin about GW
  157. Is this what the Kenyan wanted all along?
  158. Race riots coming?
  159. Words of Wisdom
  160. WHat do you think of this
  161. Entitlements, you tell me where to cut
  162. Good to see jobs being added somewhere
  163. Had to post this up lol
  164. Greedy American Corporations...
  165. Who ran up the national debt?
  166. Tax and Spend Liberals show Illinois how wrong they really are!
  167. Maxine Waters: Ain't She Sweet???
  168. Obama’s approval ratings are so low now,
  169. Dear Mr. President...
  170. Why Gov. Perry's Proposed Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Would Never Pass
  171. Linda (Humor)
  172. Aig
  173. Michelle O's Private Trip To Martha's Vinyard
  174. Perry wants to change the Constitution
  175. WM3 get released.!!
  176. Finally
  177. Backdoor Amnesty
  178. Another link to Communism !!!
  179. 1% Balanced Budget Petition
  180. Three way race in 2012
  181. Need oil
  182. Conspiracy Theory or more unfolding of the Kenyan's plan?? RIP Seal Team 6
  183. Military sabotage, gov't style..
  184. Man the life boats! This Kenyan's ship is sinking fast!
  185. I heard on the radio obama has a plan
  186. Time for a complete drain of the swamp.....
  187. Finally the "Plan is on it's way"
  188. What would America look like if the TP was running the show?
  189. Bus Tour
  190. Starbucks CEO fed up, pulls contributions.
  191. Remember "Fast and Furious"
  192. libtards
  193. Union Scum
  194. Dddreeeaammmyyy!!!
  195. Perry!!
  196. just for comparison sake...
  197. "Tour" through the Midwest
  198. Does obama have a dec. 2012 "loser" plan?
  199. Wisconsin Schools without union's collective bargaining . . .
  200. Roubini's pointing fingers and there is no place for the righties to hide
  201. You guys need some humor...
  202. US Allies, per usual.
  203. Government employees vs the private sector?
  204. This Week on ABC
  205. The "Free Shit" poll
  206. Wtf happened?
  207. Only from the mouth of a liberal
  208. Obama and his cabinet in action, his legislative techniques exposed...
  209. NY fireman on disability competes in MMA
  210. Nouriel Roubini on the economy
  211. OUTSTANDING news
  212. U.S. Appeals Court Rules Obama's Health
  213. Republican Debates
  214. Look in the mirror
  215. Post Office......really?
  216. What would washington, adams and jefferson think
  217. Interesting thoughts on gun controll
  218. O Goes On Vacation Again
  219. Wall Street Reacts....
  220. dylan ratigan
  221. So what do you do....
  222. Making People Happy
  223. The good people of Wisconsin have spoken....again.
  224. Think we're not under "subversive attack", think again
  225. London's reality America's future?
  226. Runaway Slave
  227. New one on me
  228. Facts? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Facts
  229. Barney Frank
  230. One Brotha to anotha Brotha
  231. England's new troubles
  232. Ben Stein on Obama
  233. Tea party to blame for Us credit downgrade
  234. Is this true?
  235. Beauty, Intelligence, Conservatism!!!
  236. Was Kelly Thomas murdered by police in Fullerton?
  237. Races LB
  238. This government is not qualified to run the country
  239. Where's Sara ?
  240. Coincidence
  241. The Olden Days.
  242. The Presidents weekly address....
  243. A New Poll
  244. S&P Cuts US Credit Rating For First Time In Modern History
  245. Holly s#$%@!!!!
  246. Fodder for ram
  247. Political Burnout
  248. I see a pattern here......
  249. Happy Birthday Mr President
  250. stock market