: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Rare Footage...Liberal BADASS caught on tape!!!!
  2. Austraiia's Sara Palin...
  3. A little light reading...
  4. It's time!
  5. Owned!
  6. These three could be Obama's sons
  7. O's Suppression of the 1st Amendment
  8. Obama snubbed by Putin
  9. Screw Ted Nugent...Vote for this guy
  10. Russell Brand
  11. Congressional Exemption = Indentured Servant
  12. 1 minute Youtube a MUST WATCH!!
  13. Liberals in hiding???
  14. $13 million in ice for Hurricane Isaac allowed to melt
  15. Uh OHHHHH. Holders at it again.
  16. What if???
  17. Those darned oath keepers!!!!!
  18. Celebreties push to unionise the Nissan plant in Jackson, MS
  19. Black Man in Hoodie Stabs White Girl 11 Times
  20. OBAMA THREATENS: Race Relations “May Get Worse” if He Does Not Get His Way
  21. Democraps wanna bail out Detroit
  22. O's 50th birthday
  23. Incompetano is as capable as the Kenyan himself, it seems.
  24. Thanks, Obumble...Unemployment rates rise in 90 % of US cities!
  25. UNBELIEVABLE!!! 70 Straight Days: Treasury Says Debt Stuck at Exactly $16,699,396,000
  26. Now the Kenyan is releasing high profile prisoners from GITMO!
  27. Black Caucus recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security Secretary
  28. Gov't Knows Best? White House creates 'nudge squad' to shape behavior
  29. A trickle of hope for California
  30. Obama and Hillary Clinton lunch, 'get a chance to catch up'
  31. Where's the beef? Fast-food workers in walkout to protest low wages
  32. Where are the liberals, you ask?
  33. zimmerman juror
  34. New 3% CA Tax
  35. Do you remember?
  36. Old school
  37. Cant spend what you dont have FOREVER AND EVER...
  38. The Pension Fund That Ate California
  39. Interesting comment from a liberal newspaper.
  40. What it means to be white in america
  41. The wolves are eating their pups...
  42. HUD to Penalize Communitees for not Recruiting for Diversity
  43. Fun at the shooting range!
  44. Bombshell: Govt Official Says Hillary Spearheaded Benghazi Review
  45. What did Zimmerman do now?
  46. Seems like the dots are being connected in the IRS scandal
  47. FaceBook censorship
  48. Obama: "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago"
  49. Obama taps top fundraisers, bundlers for ambassadorships
  50. Obama administration scandal
  51. Do you know me??
  52. No Mor
  53. Drunk fire men runs over girl...
  54. O LAME O care and one of the worst.......
  55. Congrats To Detroit...Liberal D-Bags
  56. 12 states sue EPA
  57. Larry Elder goes toe to toe with Piers Morgan
  58. Accused of Firing Shotgun Blames Biden
  59. Look who is new in the white house
  60. new photo of Zimmerman
  61. Nuge and Z man
  62. Reid issues ultimatum, demands Republicans approve nominees -- or else Read more: ht
  63. Another way to waste our tax money
  64. Missing During Any Crisis
  65. United States National DEBT days away from topping $17 Trillion Dolllars!!!
  66. Snowden may be safer in the usa
  67. Rude , Insensitive , NWS
  68. Zimmerman Not Guilty?
  69. Alabama to Implement “Race-Based Standards” in Public Schools
  70. Unions - O-care to destroy middle class
  71. Government Workers Furloughed But At Least The Gophers Are Safe
  72. Congrats CA
  73. Northern Colorado Secession
  74. Slowwwwwwly they turned... step by step... inch by inch...
  75. SD pet store ban??
  76. these people breed and vote.
  77. The Government Dividing the Populous
  78. How much does an inept leader cost, you ask???
  79. Who likes the Kenyan's latest executive order?
  80. The "JOBS REPORT" was pretty good.... BUT....
  81. Liberal intelligence
  82. Obama-care is killing my Veteran neighbor!
  83. Rumor has it Black Panthers
  84. If this is true
  85. Ohio, teachers, CC, take that assholes!!
  86. The American Protection and Firearm Act
  87. Mexico is now #1
  88. This guy gets it
  89. Great Tune
  90. Interesting 2016 presidential candidate
  91. Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval
  92. Recovery woes: America's second-largest employer is a temp agency
  93. Group: IRS mistakenly posted thousands of Social Security numbers on website
  94. Another Watergate??
  95. An Apology to Egypts People
  96. Notice how quiet it has been about unemployment????
  97. Kerry Has No Friends
  98. Ronald Regan... Something for everyone...
  99. Another grand political move by the Kenyan . . .
  100. First Aetna, Now United Health
  101. More KenyanKare fallout in California . . .
  102. If I were the devil.....
  103. White people to blame for Chicago schools
  104. Sheriff Joe, humanitarian!
  105. Protesters scuffle with police before Obama's town hall meeting in Soweto
  106. Do women really like Weiner
  107. Neighbors seizing guns.
  108. IF you need a good laugh...
  109. "Creepy Ass Cracker" - Zimmerman trial
  110. Hate crime?
  111. Breaking News
  112. I want to Marry my Brother and some other dudes and ladies!
  113. "Gobal warming causes obsolete" says Obama.
  114. Os sending troops to Egypt WTF
  115. Thak You Supreme Court
  116. You Don’t Have the Right to Remain Silent
  117. Snowden = Exposes Zero
  118. Gang of Eight Immigration Bill
  119. IRS to pay $70 million in bonuses
  120. Proud to be a Democrat
  121. Cheers to Texas
  122. IRS sent tons of money to one Atlanta address
  123. Need to puke? Read this.
  124. Jennifer Burke, Black Tea Party Activist
  125. Get a load-a dis guy!
  126. immagration bill vote due Monday call your senator
  127. Obamacare cost savings idea
  128. Mr. Fücks on President Obama
  129. Can They, Will They???
  130. Columbia's Cons: Ivy League social work program run by team of former prisoners
  131. Welcome back Colorado!!!
  132. Video shows workers offering 'Obamaphones' to those vowing to sell them -- for drugs
  133. Elbert Guillory: "Why I Am a Republican"
  134. Women in the SEALS
  135. This is good, check out who......
  136. Menendez
  137. Oh Man what next!
  138. Vitriol from the Liberals
  139. Aetna to exit California's individual health insurance market
  140. Government Unveils Cell Phone Alert System
  141. $100 Million Africa Trip
  142. First Family trip to Africa
  143. Libs
  144. Predictions
  145. Syria Finally Crossed the Red Line
  146. Obama Considers Resettling Syrian Refugees
  147. is this for real?
  148. Traitor
  149. are you losing faith in your government?
  150. Obama breaks yet, another record!
  151. And Here Comes Another Scandal
  152. Another nail in Cali's coffin.
  153. Protest in UK- Muslim blindsides old woman.
  154. WTF. A Secret Court????
  155. Yet, another looming question?
  156. Targeting Hispanics
  157. Obama: Spying programs only ‘modest’ invasion of privacy
  158. dear barack obama
  159. It's POS Not POTUS
  160. It's about to get very ugly
  161. Dick Cheney invites Obama on bird hunt
  162. Film of a Spontaneous Victory Parade in Honolulu in 1945.
  163. Congress Introduces Bill Ordering “FEMA” to Conduct ‘Mass Fatality Planning
  164. House votes to resume deporting young DREAM Act immigrants
  165. for all you lurkers afraid to show your face on this forum
  166. New York Times editorial board says administration has 'lost all credibility'
  167. Paging George Orwell. Mr. Orwell to the white paging phone please . . .
  168. Delta Airlines Honor Guard
  169. NSA collecting phone records for millions of Verizon customers, report says
  170. Do My Eyes Deceive Me?
  171. Sig lines?
  172. VA Govenor McDonnell okays felons to vote
  173. Obummer and the Rice announcement
  174. zero rewards RICE with position for being a loyal lier!
  175. Great! Now the EPA is working the liberal side of the fence too . . .
  176. Ok you christains my kid needs your help
  177. zero should be shakin in his loafers
  178. Tell us how you really feel jimmy
  179. Holder
  180. Is Obama waging psychological warfare on Americans?
  181. Obama calls for end to mental illness stigma, pushes services for veterans
  182. Liberals and our schools
  183. IRS blows 50 million on partie$
  184. I think he will do it.
  185. A fool and his money is soon parted
  186. Marines Can't Have A Hot Meal, But Mooochel Has How Many Cooks?
  187. DoJ May Come After You For Trashing Muslims on Social Media
  188. Pop Tart Counselling
  189. Remember the Platters?
  190. Mass. audit finds dead welfare recipients collecting millions of dollars
  191. Hey snoc653...I have 2 questions...
  192. A new utensil for the resident liberals
  193. Union boss is a great role model for union employees
  194. Lawmakers facing recall bids over strict gun laws in Colorado
  195. "The Nations Comforter"??
  196. We dont have the 60 votes needed for Immigration Bill
  197. Obama's commerce secretary didn't report $80 million in income
  198. Obama Meets With Illegal Aliens In White House (Oval Office Visit)
  199. You thought they couldn't stoop any lower? Ha!
  200. Holder, another "you can't make this stuff up"
  201. Illinois Must allow concealed carry
  202. D H S at it again. protecting the IRS
  203. Westboro Church Protests
  204. Don't speak ill of Islam!
  205. Breaking: Attack on British Soldier in London
  206. I plead the 5th
  207. Nidal Hasan still earning (Fort Hood)
  208. Obama: "As An African American You Have To Work Twice As Hard
  209. Jon Stewarts revulsion
  210. Are We All Servants Of The Kenyan Prince ?
  211. IRS Scandal is all Bush's fault
  212. Makes sense to me!
  213. Car Smog - Not What you think
  214. Your tax dollars at work...
  215. Ha! You thought it couldn't get worse?
  216. Just more union thugs!
  217. Hey Perry Garand
  218. WH releases 100+ Benghazi based e mails...
  219. Missouri...
  220. Congratulations California! You've finally achieved total liberalism.
  221. fast &furious, benghazi, IRS, AP, how much more are you willing to put up with
  222. The hits just keep on coming!
  223. Perfect Storm
  224. O's crowning achievements!
  225. Messican Refund
  226. What media bias????
  227. Happy Mother's Day!!!
  228. Sebeluis Asks Execs to Fund Obamacare
  229. Transparency will be the touchstone of this administration? Yeah, right!
  230. Video maker blamed for Benghazi remains jailed
  231. Helping elect the Kenyan, IRS now admits to wrongdoing.
  232. U.S. citizens ditch passports in record numbers
  233. Have you heard of this one?
  234. AZ Gov Brewer Signs Bill To Form A State Militia
  235. Boston Suspects’ Parents on the Run
  236. Obama - Of Course He Is A Traitor on Missle Defense
  237. Another big California employer on the move
  238. CNN Caught Faking Boston Bombings Broadcast
  239. impeach the prick!!!
  240. It's quite elementary, really . . .
  241. Have the "Forum Conservatives" won the battle here???
  242. Call you congressmen
  243. Democrat Congresswoman Admits Gun Registry Meant To ‘Find’ Guns
  244. Funny
  245. Just whose fault is this economy, you ask?
  246. Study pegs cost of immigration bill’s mass legalization at $6.3 trillion
  247. Breathing "AIR" a federal crime?
  248. The real barock obumer
  249. School's 'Redneck Day' sparks anger
  250. Liberals unite again in praise and worship!