: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Gun Grabbers are at it again.
  2. Why would the first lady need to visit the bomber in the hospital???
  3. Police: Walmart Worker Turned Tricks In Store
  4. In California, big gulps could soon be taxed in a big way.
  5. Imagine a world without balloons.
  6. Democrat round table on needed tax increase...
  7. Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud
  8. Jet-Daytona
  9. Calif. bill would let non-citizens serve on juries
  10. Unbelieveable!!!!
  11. ILLEGAL Immigrants Receive $Billions Yearly via IRS Loophole INCOME TAX FRAUD
  12. Breaking: Saudi Student Alharbi Visited the White House Several Times
  13. obama voter
  14. Yet Still
  15. Pulled pressure cookers from the shelves in MASS
  16. Tamerlan Tsarnaev got Mass. welfare benefits
  17. OOOPPPP's. Seems Hillary and The Administration are LIARS !!!!!
  18. Great news for liberals!!!
  19. Zero ?
  20. Take the Obama poll if you dare . . .
  21. What could Glenn beck know
  22. What happened?
  23. Looks like they worked the son of bitch over pretty good
  24. Terror Attack Ratings Prove Fox Is Now 'The Most Trusted Name In News'
  25. finaly
  26. This can't be racist!
  27. I like this guy
  28. Obamacare Could Mean $3K Incentive to Hire Immigrant
  30. The Country's Death Spiral
  31. Anyone here an Elvis impersonator?
  32. Feinstein gets schooled
  33. How much did that cost us?
  34. Obama calls gun right supporters "liars"
  35. Saudi National in Boston Bombing being deported on "National Security Grounds"
  36. Thanks Barrack!
  37. Rep. Lamar Smith: Immigration Bill 'Worse Than We Thought,' Legalizes Relatives and P
  38. gun control????
  39. Switching sides?
  40. Top Democrats: Sequester Hurting Boston Bomb Victims
  41. Union wakes up - wants Obamacare repealed
  42. Progressive??? or Leftist??? or Racist???
  43. China says US is destabilizing region by increasing presence in Asia
  44. Hagel cancels new metal
  45. Explosions at the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day
  46. Teacher makes kid say he'd give up Constitutional rights, ire ensues
  47. 1500 pages in 24 hours
  48. Now that Tax Season is over...
  49. Read: Here comes the check book.......
  50. Obama turns on Auto industry - UAW upset
  51. Anyone aware of this trial that began in March in PA?
  52. Did they win or did we all lose?
  53. President's budget is submitted to congress . . . again . . .
  54. Ovomit's plan to kill the dollar...scary shit people
  55. Biden says people buy guns because it feels 'like driving a Ferrari'
  56. Maryland decides to tax residents when it rains
  57. You Christians are a wild bunch
  58. Man of the year right here.
  59. Your Gun Rights. Latest Bill. April 9, 2013
  60. Obama Admin. Ships 140,000 Tear Gas Canisters to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Regime
  61. Red vs Blue
  62. 1.4 Billion, and I haven't seen any cut backs...
  63. Texas Sheriff and Assault Rifles....
  64. WTF is going on here?
  65. When is it enough?
  66. Memo: DHS can confiscate bank accounts without warrant
  67. John McCain
  68. I don't post much here, BUT, I want to pass this along, written by a veteran Marine
  69. So you got a retirement plan ?? , not anymore !!!
  70. MSNBC openly supporting communism
  71. Fox News reporter's dilemma should trouble all Americans
  72. Biden wants a NWO
  73. Plug in auto maker layoffs.
  74. Evangelicals & Catholics Labeled as Extremists
  75. Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs
  76. Obummer thinks she is the best looking attorney general
  77. It's just a difference in reporting, I suppose . . .
  78. GOP Rep. Threatens Impeachment If Obama Goes Around Congress to Enact Gun Control
  79. Federal officials say as much as $700 million in Katrina, Rita aid may have been mis
  80. I was thrown out of a business
  81. Mandatory drug testing for Welfare Recipients.....
  82. Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation Under CA Bill
  83. Korea approves nuclear attack on US
  84. Obama to give up 5% of salary in wake of 'sequester' cuts
  85. How did Syria get this?
  86. Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit
  87. Just another hundred MILLION$$$$
  88. April 2013 - National Financial Capability Month. ***Not an April fools joke***
  89. Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to UN
  90. Step right up and tell all!
  91. Judge rules Stockton, Calif., to enter bankruptcy
  92. Wtf
  93. New approach to repealling Ocare
  94. 1317 days
  95. The Kenyan Now Has 47,000,000 Americans On Food Stamps!!!
  96. Founded by geniuses but run by idiots! Yep that's America today!
  97. Obama’s ‘kill list’ critic found dead in new york
  98. Obama Forever! N. Y. congressman introduces bill to abolish presidential term limits
  99. Michigan becomes 24th Right to Work state!
  100. Exploitation at its finest
  101. Desmoines Register WTF?
  102. 'Monsanto Protection Act' slips silently through US Congress
  103. WTF moment of the day..
  104. Drug dog searches ruled unconstitutional
  105. What to Cut: Red tape stalls firing of ineffective federal workers
  106. Pbs biz kids........
  107. Tax on e-mails
  108. Jim Carrey WTF
  109. CA hurting but county admin gets huge retirement and bonus
  110. John Kerry....??? WTF
  111. Uncle Joe and our money
  112. executive authority
  113. Chinese backing away from buying Fisker
  114. Don't like my stuff? Try this.
  115. Who do these people answer to?
  116. Im sure HOLDER and OLAMEO and the Wookie will
  117. Has Liberal policies made a need for a low class citizen without full rights?
  118. Chicago schools and the teachers union???
  119. Isn't it time?
  120. CVS Pharmacy tells workers to complete survey or pay more
  121. Iran Nukes
  122. Another solar company going BK
  123. Newest (to me) Benghazi Info
  124. Finestein...........Is she stupid or just plain damn ignorant
  125. Cyprus seizing deposits to pay for bailouts
  126. why the Democrats are attacking Paul Ryan
  127. I can not believe this.
  128. Why our tax code is a joke.
  129. virtual state of the union - must see
  130. The libby mindset - Tax and Spend more
  131. Our biggest security thread???
  132. Hillary-Michelle in 2016: Is a former First Ladies ticket on the horizon?
  133. Vet bills
  134. This made me :)
  135. Cincinnati poll worker charged with voting half dozen times in November
  136. Lawmakers eye new taxes on guns, ammo in latest wave of legislation
  137. Unemployment report explained - Remember who is on first?
  138. John McCain
  139. Are you willing to die to take MY gun?
  140. IRS and Occupation request wtf?
  141. How much taxation is optimal you ask?
  142. Something Has To Change
  143. Big Brother
  144. Mcain caving on gun control
  145. Cpac 2013
  146. Minimum wage
  147. How many remember this?
  148. Bye bye hugo
  149. Finally admitted it.
  150. Poverty eliminated
  151. Labor Board
  152. W.t.f.
  153. Debt of debit?
  154. Obonehead pardons 17 people
  155. Political Humor
  156. Good ol' Lil Johnny
  157. Another gas tax in CA
  158. Bob Woodward THREATENED...
  159. Biden Lies again - too funny
  160. :)
  161. Italy...........
  162. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our new Secretary of State...
  163. Got To Love This Woman
  164. Transparency.......... HA...........
  165. Mandatory Military service proposed in Congress
  166. ease budget pain
  167. Oscars
  168. Best summation of barack and michelle ever!
  169. Pearl Harbor all over again? Really?
  170. biden,
  171. Interesting read
  172. Well the Canadians understand how to do it!
  173. Does this suprise anybody??
  174. 8 LAPD officers involved in shooting after Dorner 'case of mistaken identity'
  175. The way you tell it defines who you are . . .
  176. Funtimes
  177. Your taxpayer dollars at work NOT!
  178. Obamaville
  179. The Three Bimbos
  180. Do You Remember
  181. Approval Rating
  182. I must laugh!
  183. Right Wing at it's Finest
  184. The New American Politburo
  185. Democrat admits to voting numerous times-see nothing wrong with it
  186. Sequester
  187. Health Care and Health Insurance
  188. States worried about health care rate hikes. DUH!
  189. Sweet dreams
  190. Remember When???
  191. R&R
  192. Obama speach that finally makes sense.
  193. You won't beleive what I found.
  194. Nancy Pelosi begs us not to ruin her dignity by cutting her paycheck
  195. A message from Senator Boxer
  196. AZ guys...
  197. A drink of water!
  198. Going to Jail as Punishment
  199. Oh oh oh, Harrys crying.....
  200. And he's worrying about firearms and global warming? Really?
  201. A very good question . . .
  202. Dr. Carson reponse to the SOTU
  203. Nooooooooooooooooge!
  204. Iran=nuke!!
  205. An Excellent explanation of Obama Care
  206. Ted Nugent to attend State of the Union address
  207. Thank you California!
  208. State Of the Union Address
  209. Just some numbers
  210. Registering for confiscation
  211. Interesting perspective from a "legal immigrant"
  212. Jesse Jackson Jr.
  213. "So God made a liberal...."
  214. Learned a few things
  215. Congrats Democrats
  216. Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast
  217. Obama by the numbers.
  218. Gun Control Poll Results
  219. If the Feds can't get it done
  220. Dhs full steam ahead
  221. All the talk!!
  222. Lapd
  223. The perfect liberal!
  224. With all due respect
  225. A quote from 1944
  226. Proposed bill to force gun owners to buy liability insurance
  227. ?
  228. Chris rock says Obama is our 'boss'
  229. Boy Scouts,Gay Debate?
  230. Reducing the Carrier Fleet?
  231. The "Bill CLinton View"
  232. 6 Economic Signs
  233. Which was the real lie?
  234. US Postal Service to cut Saturday
  235. Young Ted taking his piece of Piers Morgan
  236. Your Brave Leader
  237. Awww Poor Guys (Iranian oil rig sinks)
  238. LA Mayor Race
  239. new jersey senator mendez
  240. Obama the supporter of the middle class and elderly
  241. Touching and Powerfull commercial !
  242. Lets see if I can make a prediction and be right...
  243. Feb 2013 —Keeping Our Eye On the Wrong Ball
  244. Thanks Obama
  245. Immigration
  246. Somewhere in Chicago
  247. One more time - tell us how much it will cost please?
  248. A little more from the most corrupt administration in U.S. history
  249. Mistrusting the BATF and Our Government
  250. Proud to be a democrat!