Not sure really where to put this I figured that tow vehicles is about the close as I will get to a "trailer" section.

Here's the deal. I have recently acquired a project boat(Glastron cv-19) with a decent(very well constructed) single axle trailer.

Now here is my crazy idea....since I am going to restore the trailer along with the boat, I plan to convert it to a dual, maybe triple axle setup. Why? Because I would like to be able to use the trailer to haul more than my boat, especially in the off season. I would like to use it to haul construction material, firewood, engines, and maybe even an automobile. The frame on the trailer seems more than adequate and I would obviously be reinforcing certain areas for the new axles. The bunk boards and supports would be made collapseable, maybe even hydraulic, and the "floor" of the trailer would simply slide up on top of the collapsed bunk boards and bolt into place on the trailer frame. Most likely it will have insert holes to add wood stakes like on flatbed trucks.

I know that the "reasonable" person would just go get another trailer, but parking is limited here, not to mention I dont want to have to license two trailers either. I have the fabrication skills, but would like any input from some that has seen, heard of, or even done something similar to this.