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Size:  3.1 KBWe have recently updated the labels on our Marine/RV/Auto cleaning product line. In doing so we have of course added a fresher look, better directions and updated features. We also took this time to simplify the name of one of our popular products.
The "Bio-Kleen Hull & Fiberglass Cleaner" is now simply "Bio-Kleen Fiberglass Cleaner." The new labels and name are already rolling out so you should see them soon with orders.

So why the change? Well there are a few reasons actually. You can read the full press release but here are some main points:
  1. Marine or RV? Well, both - In the marine industry it's used to remove scum lines, algae, scale, build up, chalking and light oxidation from boat hulls. In the RV industry it's used as an exterior cleaner: removing yellowing, chalking, and light oxidation from the exterior of an RV, typically a fiberglass surface. Calling it "Hull Cleaner" limits it's usability in the RV industry while "Fiberglass Cleaner" works well for both industries.
  2. More than just a hull cleaner - It's used mainly on fiberglass but also metals including: anodes, props, outdrives and aluminum boat hulls. It can also be used on RV or trailer tires to remove brake dust and build up and to clean bathrooms, showers and toilets in an RV or boat. Sure "Fiberglass Cleaner" doesn't explain it all but it can now be known as more of an exterior cleaner within the marine and RV industries.
  3. Confusion with other hull cleaners - As Bio-Kleen has continued to grow and expand product lines to include specialized products confusion can sometimes occur. One of our products, the Bio-Kleen Hulll Kleen, was designed as a commercial strength, one step, brush on, spray off hull cleaner that is a safer alternative to harsh acids and chemicals commonly used in the marine industry. This has been confusing for some customers and the new name change will help eliminate that confusion.