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Oooo-ooohhh, Jackie Blue

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by , 09-02-2008 at 11:36 PM (93927 Views)
First-time models present a unique challenge for a photographer. Lacking experience and a set stock of rehearsed poses, these girls are often nervous and uncomfortable, and it's my job to guide them and make them feel at ease. I've shot a fair number of novice models, and the shoots have ranged from delightful to disastrous.

Jackie Couldert was one of the many first-timers I've shot on the water. Although she wasn't a seasoned veteran, she was extremely flexible and took direction surprisingly well. She was one of several models I worked with a couple of years ago at a shoot I'd arranged in Stockton, California. Although she was the only one lacking professional experience, she was by far the most professional—as well as the most fun and easy-going to work with. She was eager to take my direction, and happy to try anything I suggested.

While not a drop-dead "knockout" in the strictest traditional sense, she had a sweet, freshly scrubbed girl-next-door look and a winning smile. Wrapped in a pretty blue suit, she was the perfect model to drape upon Chris and Don Reid's 1977 Tarva:

As you can see, she appears very comfortable on board, even when I put her in the occasional risqué position.

Jackie was featured in the very first print issue of Performance Boats Magazine, appearing in my feature story "Warning Shot." The article was about Shiver Shot, a 1970 Super Sanger owned by Scott Corey:

As a nice contrast to the 18-foot V-drives, Jackie got a ride on the 44-foot all-aluminum boat Liquid Technologies, owned by Wayne Kruse.

Finally, I put Jackie aboard the 36-foot Skater Honker Cut Marine, owned by Rod Karnofel.

Our first shoot had gone so well that I had hoped to work with Jackie for a Performance Boats shoot in NorCal earlier this year. So I called her up a couple of weeks before a recent event I'd been planning...and she turned me down. The reason she gave? She was getting married that day! Man, can you believe some people?

So let's hear it. What do you think of Jackie? Post your comment below.

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  1. BLOWN HOWARD's Avatar
    Not bad nice body!!! Good job on posting these blogs, i think you should do them twice a month though.
  2. LandSpeedRacer's Avatar
    I have to say she was a trooper, it was frikin hot that day and my boat being black the deck was sizzling, I offered her a towel to lay on and she said something like if she couln't take it, she shouldn't be doing what she is doing and go get a desk job! Very nice girl and did a great job!
  3. H2O's Avatar
    she looks like she has a nice personality....
  4. bunny's Avatar
    I thinks she's super cute! Nice pics!
  5. millhouse961's Avatar
    Best looking one yet, imo
  6. RitcheyRch's Avatar
    Very nice. Wish had your job.
  7. Mohave Vice's Avatar
    My boat is available again!!
  8. Cherie's Avatar
    I think ive shot this girl b4
  9. ChiliPepperGarage's Avatar
    Ozark Mountain Daredevils! You're dating yourself, Brett!
  10. OMEGA MAN's Avatar
    My Jet O Vater is up.
  11. TAF's Avatar
    "Lucky" Chris was indeed lucky to have her grace her presence on his deck. hee hee

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