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Blond Goddess

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by , 09-11-2008 at 01:50 AM (40879 Views)
Of all the models I've ever worked with, Ute Werner might be viewed as the most "classically beautiful," a blond stunner in the Christie Brinkley mold.

Looking at some images from her portfolio, I'm sure you'll see why I considered myself lucky to have found her and negotiated a deal to photograph her:

We met in May of 2005 at Lake Elsinore, where I had her model on a few boats in the 18-foot range. Two of them were hydros, because I was interested in creating a section strictly devoted to hydros.

What I remember most about Ute is that she's a voracious fan of horses; she rides and grooms them, and also teaches horseback riding. She's extremely active in various sports and outdoor activities—everything from dirt bike riding, water skiing and snow skiing to kickboxing jogging, snorkling and surfing. A resident of San Diego, she has a page on IMDB, which lists among her credits something called Lingerie Bowl. (I must remember to add that to my TiVo wish list.) She also has her own website,

I first photographed Ute on a 1991 Carrera. She wore a very sexy black bikini.

Next, she got aboard a bitchin' orange/blue shovelnose hydro, wearing the same black suit:

The only "flaw" I ever saw on Ute was a medium-sized birthmark (or maybe it was a bruise) on her right leg. Obviously, it was fairly easy to Photoshop it out.

Finally, I had Ute change into a shiny purpleish bikini for some shots aboard an all-wood shovelnose Sanger hydro owned by Jon Pronzini.

A couple of years after this shoot, I contacted Ute about the possibility of working again. Initially she expressed interest, but later failed to return a message I left wanting to firm up the date of the shoot. Too bad—I genuinely enjoyed working with her.

What do you think of Ute? Should I attempt to make contact again? Leave me your comment below.

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Updated 09-11-2008 at 10:26 AM by BrettDawg

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  1. MikeVG's Avatar
    How in the world can this goddess deny herself the chance to work with you again? How can this be, World famous (well boating world famous) BrettDawg is offering her another shot.

    UTE if your listening or reading you need to get in touch with Brett, and if she does not then Brett hunt her down.

    Yes please see about getting her for another shoot, then let us/me in on where the shoot will be so that i may stalk, but with an invitation....
  2. Tunnel Vision's Avatar
    Absolutely! your best shooting yet!
  3. JrCRXHF's Avatar
    I would she really looks natural with a little man made touch maybe.
  4. Waffleman's Avatar
    Best yet that I've again!
  5. HocusPocus's Avatar
    well.. have you gotten in touch with her yet? she is a beautiful classy look'n girl thats for sure.
  6. Cherie's Avatar
  7. OMEGA MAN's Avatar
    All hands on deck.
  8. LohanP's Avatar
    Nice chicks. Hey i may have gotten fast cash for her. i wanna meet her.
  9. Kalzown's Avatar
    That got my motor runnin.

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