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What a Rack (quel)!

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by , 09-19-2008 at 11:38 PM (41875 Views)
Some girls make a lasting impression on you not just because of how they look, but how they behave outside of the photo world. Take Celeste Trinh, who talks to me candidly about her family and romantic life. Or Brandy Dahl, a voluptuous model who told me repeatedly that I resembled Newman from the Seinfeld TV show.

Raquel Borges was not one of those kind of girls.

The fact is, I never really got to know Raquel. Although I worked with her, she hung with a different crowd. I curse this fact, because I would have liked to get to know her more than I did. It was obvious, as you'll see from these photos, that she was an extremely outgoing person—"uninhibited" almost seems like an understatement in her case. Her freckled face, wild hair and ample bosom were fairly unforgettable.

One night, the test team had dinner together. The lovely Celeste was there, as well as Raquel and a few other girls. It was a great night. The liquor was flowing, and so too was her cascading hair. She really knew how to capture your attention—and she was more mouth-watering than anything on the menu that night. I ordered the chicken breast, and in retrospect, I think I know why I was in the mood for breast.

Raquel looked extremely nice posing on the boats. Here are some nice images of her on a Hallett; her makeup hides her naturally freckled face.

One night in Havasu, a bunch of us had been socializing at the Naked Turtle bar, adjacent to the Nautical Inn. It was nearly dusk, and Raquel and I were walking back on the beach toward our respective rooms when she hopped on a friend's Magic deckboat and asked if I wanted to take some photos of her while she posed on it. Not being a fool, I ran to get my camera. Raquel always struck me as a free spirit no matter what time of the day it was. This shoot was totally spontaneous and was never intended for publication in any magazine. She just wanted to have fun, and I was only too happy to point my camera at her and join in the fun. The girl positively oozes sexuality.

What do you think of Raquel? Why not take a few seconds to leave a comment in the box below? Because if you don't, I'll assume nobody is reading this blog and stop posting all these sexy photos. Yes, I'm resorting to blackmail. Deal with it.

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Updated 09-25-2008 at 10:28 AM by BrettDawg

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  1. ColeTR2's Avatar

    I like this picture the best
  2. LandSpeedRacer's Avatar
    I agree with ColeTR2, that is the best pic although I am definately not complaining about the others . . . .

    So uh did you draw the usual crown when shooting the pics at dusk? And she didn't care???? NICE!

    Great story and pics Brett, keep em coming!

  3. WATERDOG's Avatar
    She just might be my favorite, so far.
  4. CHARITYCASE's Avatar
    Brett,I agree with LSR & Cole.The shots in the White Bikini are best.Keep it up.Most of us don't comment for fear of upsetting the wives.I.M.O.
  5. Phat Matt's Avatar
    Looks good to me.
  6. BrettDawg's Avatar
    Charity, I've never been married. How does it work with the wives? Do you somehow create the illusion that you are only attracted to your companion, and that you have absolutely no interest in looking at other women? How does that work exactly? No wonder I've been single my whole life!
  7. CHARITYCASE's Avatar
    Good question Brett.Iam one of the lucky ones who found a Woman who isn't bothered by appreciating the opposite sex.She comments all the time how beatiful that one is etc...
    I was just making a observation as to why people may not comment on the "Girl" Blogs.Look forward to havin ya up again.Keep us posted & maybe we will get together before an event & do cocktails/dinner.C-YA Buddy.
  8. BrettDawg's Avatar
  9. Outlaw's Avatar
    Brett very nice, to answer your question..
    "A nice looking car is a nice looking car
    no matter who is driving it"
  10. lake p.a.l.'s Avatar
    By far the best you have posted in my opinion.
  11. Showrigger's Avatar
    She is just...well...overdressed...
  12. havpoolguy's Avatar
    im in love. how do I explain it to the wife
  13. War Canoe's Avatar
    that one there looks like she pumps back ! oh yeah !
  14. ChiliPepperGarage's Avatar
    Another beauty, Brett! Again, love a girl that SMILES when getting her picture taken. Although, even when she is not smiling she is extreemly HOT!

    How about posting her stats like height, measurements, home town, phone number (just kidding on the last one, she can PM me with it! )
  15. Cherie's Avatar
    i think she is absolutely stunning.
  16. millhouse961's Avatar
    Best one yet!
  17. msraquel_b's Avatar
    Wow! I've read all of your comments, and must say you really know how to boost one’s self esteem. Seems like some of you have me all figured out. Let's see...wild, untamable, free spirit, spontaneous, outgoing...yep, that's me, and sooooo much more.

    I added a biography to my profile, just in case anyone is interested, it says a lot about me. Someone asked about my stats, well, I'm 5'3" 110lbs, 34DD-26-35, blue eyes, grew up in Ontario, Calif. on a ranch (yes, I'm the farmer's daughter). Let me know if you have any more questions.

    I'm embarrassed; I feel the need to clear up the "dinner attire" of that night (in photos). First, need I remind you that this shoot takes place in Havasu (hot heat), and the girl’s agreed we would go dancing that night (Kokomo's I think), everyone is half naked in the club. At the last minute, it was decided that we would all go to dinner w/ Hot Boat staff, first. So, you'll have to excuse the bra/shirt for dinner. :-) Now, if I could show you pictures from the club that night, hehehe ;-)

    Thanks for all the great comments...keep em coming ;-)

    Brett, thanks for contacting me...this is fun!
    Updated 09-26-2008 at 07:48 AM by msraquel_b (Didn't post correctly, too many font issues.)
  18. BrettDawg's Avatar
    Raquel, it is a genuine thrill to have you here. In one short post, I learned more about you than I ever did working with you side by side. I know you happen to work near me, but did you know there is an actual restaurant called "Farmer's Daughter" in our neighborhood? I walk by it every day. Now it will always remind me of you.

    I hope you'll go back and read the blogs about the other models I've worked with. You will recognize some of them; others will be unfamiliar to you. I have a question: which girls have you most enjoyed working with? Which have you least enjoyed working with? Heheh.
  19. CHARITYCASE's Avatar
    Raquel,first off.WELCOME aboard.It's refreshing to have a Model respond in a genuine manner.You are a beutiful girl & should fit right in with all the "Performance Boat" crowd.Again,nice to have you here.Casey a.k.a. Charitycase.
  20. CHARITYCASE's Avatar
    Brett,your best yet.I would love to see the contrast of Raquels 5'3" frame next to Christinas 6' frame.Any ideas?
    Hopefully we will see ya NewYears at CFW.
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