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Orange Beach Bash

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by , 08-19-2008 at 07:42 AM (4567 Views)
LA, Lower Alabama that is! Is host to the 5th round of the Offshore Super Series, to be more precise Orange beach, with its small town flavor, and its sugar white beaches, it is often refered to as the "Redneck Riveria".
But all long its coast, High rise condos continue to pop up. Making it a awesome place to kick back and let life's worries fade for a week or so.

But relaxing isnt what the Racers of OSS had in mind, as they decended upon Orange Beach. At last year's event 4 to 5 foot seas made for a show the fans loved. and this year fans were not disappointed. as Saturday testing saw 3 to 5 ft seas, many teams ran a quick lap and went back in to the wet pits to add weight, and smaller Props!!

Sunday would start out, with cloudy skies, I was invited to shoot from Turn Boat 1, a beautiful 108ft Broward, Miss Stephanie, which is now homeported in Orange Beach.
what a great platform to shoot from! Sunday brought a new look to Offshore Racing as well, as in the past, many offshore races would turn into a high speed parade, or a single boat due to mechnical failures. Taking a cue from Motocross, teams decided they would run shorter 6 lap heats, which would increase the action and give teams more than one shot to hit their set-up.

The first start had the OSS Cat Outboards,
and the Single Super Vee start, while the second start would be the always intense Super Vee Light class. In SVL, their is comraderie, smack talk, and great racing.
Team Typhoon's Throttleman the never outspoken Randy Schluess, claims to be the "Ruler of the seas" and was the first to pin one, and to say it was exciting as these 5 SVL's barreled to the pin at over 90 MPH, is a understatement.

The first heat 1A would have Typhoon on top, and the team to beat in the second heat.
Normally it would be a hour or so before the next race, but with the heat concept, the second race would be 15 minutes later, while the teams from the first heat could cool off and make weight adjustments and prop changes. It also gave team Popeyes/Wild Card a second chance to earn more points as their Mercury 525 had went into Guardian Mode, upon returning to the docks, the Mercury racing staff quickly fixed the issues and had them ready for round two.

Mean while Heat 1B Had Supercat 850, Super Cat Light, and Extreme. And from the start,
Team CRC took command, and lead entire heat, Team Fury suffered a broken blower belt on the last lap, again the Mercury racing staff were there to save the day and let Fury get to the second heat. Team WHM suffered a blown inline fuse at the start of heat, they would make the second of two heats, in past races this would have been the end of the day and the race.

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