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Burley Idaho Regatta 2008 - Part One

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by , 08-13-2008 at 06:58 AM (5579 Views)

I have been a boater for the better part
of 40 years and owner of Rex Marine
since 1981. In my blogs I will attempt to
tell a story of each event I cover,
from my perspective and through my
photos. I hope more people will become
involved as spectators or racers as a result
of my coverage. Enjoy

Several pictures here folks, Please be patient while they load up...

The circle races each year held on the Snake River in Burley Idaho have become a legendary tradition. In all my years of performance boating I had never made the trip. I decided this was the year. And a trip it was. I chose a rental car for this one with gas hovering in the mid four dollar a gallon range. The most traveled route to Burley from Southern California is probably the I-15 through Salt Lake City. But me, often known for not going the road most traveled opted for Highway 93 which takes off of the I-15 outside of Vegas and runs north through eastern Nevada. I’m glad I chose this route, as it offered up some magnificent scenery probably most travelers won’t ever see. And some small towns rich in history, although I traveled through so fast I didn’t have much of a chance to absorb much of it other than a few pictures worth.

The town of Wells, Neveda just on the northern border was hit by a large earthquake last year that did substantial damage. Some is still obvious.

And I spotted this little jewel and we just had to shoot it…

A quick sandwich at McDonalds in Wells and we’re off again towards Twin Falls and Burley. Our 11 pm arrival in Burley after 15 hours on the road, with stops, was a welcome one. It was a good run for one day but was plenty of time in the somewhat marginally padded seat of my rented Hyundai Sonata. This was one of a couple times I’d wished I’d driven my Suburban and just sucked up the fuel cost.

A cool shot of a motel sign in Burley (my girlfriend shoots unique hotel signs). No we didn't stay there.

Friday morning brought to light the town of Burley for me for the first time. It’s a pretty cool little town with some obvious history just based on the age of the buildings on and near Main Street. The first order of business was a parade of several of the race boats through town. I knew this from checking out the website before I left home. What I didn’t know was where the parade was. The hotel clerk was helpful in getting me going in the general vicinity and driving down main street I spotted several race boats in a supermarket parking lot. I hung a sharp right and brought the Sonata to rest next to the boats. Several familiar faces were there to greet and more arriving by the minute. I had stumbled onto the parade staging area. The circle boat bunch is for the most part a family affair. Both in the context of individual families and one large family of racers. It was obvious this was going to be one of the highlights especially for the younger family members. Boats and trucks were decorated with balloons and stuffed animals and the kids had bags of candy and goodies to throw to the parade watchers. After hanging out here for a half hour or so, the parade was starting so I jumped in the car and hauled ass back down to the main drag to set up for some pictures.

Many locals were out for the festivities. I’m guessing this Regatta is one of the highlights of activity in Burley as the enthusiasm was pretty high for this small parade. The parade lasted a half hour or so and everyone was off to the race site including myself. Parking was free which was a nice surprise being a resident of So Cal. I picked up our press passes and proceeded into the pits for some pictures and conversation with the racers. It appeared there was a decent turn out although regular attendees told me that it was off quite a bit from past years in terms of boat count. Looking around there were several bare spots in the pits. I guess a result of high fuel prices and a tough economy. But I could already tell there were plenty of quality machines there to put on some great racing action. As the weekend progressed my expectations would prove to be correct.

I meandered through the pits talking with several racers I knew and a few I didn’t. I made my way over to Jeff Brachauser’s pit. Jeff owns the SS68 superstock boat. Tony Scarlata drives both this boat and the K-5 Traffic Cone. I hung around there talking for a bit then headed over by the ramp to set up for some photos. Mid afternoon started a test and tune session where the various classes were called up and they could go out and run a few laps. This was followed by single lap qualifying to set the lane order for the “shootout” race to come that evening. One highlight of Friday night would be the appearance of Gordon Jennings Jr (Gordy) in the seat of Dave Rankin’s immaculate SS-80 Superstock. Gordy showed everyone they should be glad he doesn’t race any longer, taking the lead over the field and never looking back. To follow are some pics both of some ramp action and some warm up and action shots of Friday evening.

Gordy prepares for some seat time in Dave Rankin’s SS-80 Superstock.

Some random pics...

Tony Scarlata prepares for laps in his K-5 Traffic Cone

Pat Eason with headset for spotting his K-711

Tony comes in after testing

Wayne Herbert takes off in the immaculate K-50 “Ghost of Coldfire”

Ty Newton takes off in the K-66

Dave Rankin (Freedom Child on the forum) all hooked up and spotting for Duff Daily in the K-69 via radio

Tony Scarlata, Joey Grose, and Jeff Brachauser

Tony also drives Jeff’s SS-68 Superstock

Dave Chandler running his PS-855 Mead Snake entry

Some more random shots...

Rexone's lunch break consists of a roasted turkey leg. It was tasty but somewhat cavemanish. I spent the balance of the afternoon wishing I had some dental floss.

A little sequence of Scarlata in the SS-68

A local crop duster takes a look at the race site. (Caution things may appear closer than they actually are)

Ty ends up with a course lap record in the PS-70 Canary Pride

To be continued in Part 2

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