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Burley Idaho Regatta 2008 - Part Two

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by , 08-13-2008 at 06:59 AM (4803 Views)

I have been a boater for the better part
of 40 years and owner of Rex Marine
since 1981. In my blogs I will attempt to
tell a story of each event I cover,
from my perspective and through my
photos. I hope more people will become
involved as spectators or racers as a result
of my coverage. Enjoy

Burley, Part Two

Saturday’s program got underway about 10 am or so. This would prove to be the day the event vendors would be most happy with as the crowd was out in force.

The weather was mid 90’s and predicted to be hotter for Sunday. Burley and the Snake River is truly a beautiful place to race. I will let the pictures somewhat tell the story of the racing action as I got so carried away shooting them I neglected to record several of the heat results. One nice thing about Burley in June is that you can race into the evening. Darkness doesn’t settle in around this neck of the woods until around 10pm.

The pictures start out with shots of the boats going in the water at the ramp for a test and tune session. My assistant and girlfriend, Mary Beth was on hand to help as normally is the case in our travels to the various race sites. Mary Beth is an accomplished amateur photographer and now race fan too. The background here is the end of an obstacle course the National Guard set up for the kids. It was a busy venue all weekend after things got rolling. The Guard was there with a display and recruitment effort.

This is Dave Chandler in his Barron Sprint “Mead Snake”. Dave hails from Las Vegas and I’ve known him for many years from my days in ski racing. Dave’s a great water skier too and participated on the U.S. World Team some years ago.

This is Ray Pauli who hails from Utah. Ray and his son campaign the SS-501 Boat with Hal Jones at the wheel. I met them in Red Bluff earlier this year. They are nice people and the boat runs hard.

Jeff Brochheseur and Tony Scarlata prepare for a radio check prior to the SS race and a little sequence of a test lap.

Some of the K-boats going in the water for their test runs. Pat Eason’s K-711 looking good in testing.

The Eason crew watches a warm-up lap of the K-711

The K-66 with Ty Newton at the wheel is always a tough contender.

The Minegar clan was in attendance. Brothers Mike (Rattle Can Lou on the forum) and Pat (vdriveforever) are spotted riding around on their scooters looking for trouble.

The SS-80 would be driven by Dave Rankin himself for the weekend races. His regular driver, Dave Bryant was absent to attend an Unlimited Hydro race. Here Dave drives to a first heat win in SS.

Second heat action has Tony Scarlata in the SS-68 taking the lead down the front straight. Tony however developed mechanical problems later and Hal Jones would take the heat win..

The Third heat lineup… the Soaring Eagle boat SS-31 with Jeff Gibson takes the heat win

The crowd favorite Cracker Boxes take to the water for heat one…

Some 2.5 Liter Hydro action…

The Pro-Stocks came out in force…

The Nostalgia Flats were well represented and had some real competitive races…

Part of the rescue crew that kept everyone safe for the weekend…

The Comp Jets really get after it…

The K’s come out to play… The K-5 doesn’t make the heat and K-66 with Ty Newton takes the win.

More Superstock action…

The Crackers…

The Snake River has some really nice homes…

Mary Beth trying her hand with a new friend's large body “machine gun” camera… Unfortunately mine’s a toy compared to these… But hey, it’s also much lighter to hold and haul around…

Saturday's action will continue in "Part Three"

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