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Thanksgiving Regatta SCSC Circle Boats 2009

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by , 02-05-2010 at 02:55 AM (15489 Views)
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Parker the day after Thanksgiving; not too many places in the country I’d rather be. Perfect weather and conditions this year made for a great two days of racing action. The Thanksgiving Regatta put on each year by the Southern California Speedboat Club has a decades long history. It is the first race of the SCSC 2010 season even though oddly, it takes place at the end of 2009. This year with the lagging economy certain classes were down on boats or missing, but there were still plenty of boats for an awesome weekend and exciting races, Classes not in attendance this year were the favorites Super Stock and KRR primarily due to economic forces and a race that several participated in the weekend prior in Phoenix.

There was plenty of racing in all the hydro classes, Pro Stock, Nostalgia Flat, GN, Crackerbox, and PWC. Comp Jet started out well with eight boats in attendance but unfortunately by the second heat on Friday only one was left operational. Harold Bruce in his CJ-313 was the lucky survivor and is your weekend winner.

The Pro Stock flatbottoms saw four boats show up. Mike March in PS-108, Jerry Cotter in PS-110, Lee Stacy in PS-303, and Shane and Art Hall in PS-929. Mike March swept the weekend with 400 points winning all four races; Jerry Cotter was second, and Lee Stacy third. I got a chance to talk with Mike March between races and he told me the story about how one year ago was his first experience in a flat of any kind. Mike ran the boat hard and I’d say he’s doing pretty well.

The Nostalgia Flat class had six entries. Brent Daily swept the weekend in this class in the 955 boat; Dave Chandler was second in his Hallett, Mead Snake PS-855, and Jerry Cotter third in the PS-110. Nostalgia racing is a little different in that there is a maximum speed limit of 80 mph allowed. The drivers are fitted with GPS devices to monitor speed and those that break out are penalized.

The Cracker Boxes put on some of the best racing of the weekend. Eight boats showed and seven started. Tony Lombardo in the tough-to-beat P-100, Jerry Ross and Blake Stump in the P96 “Arizona Girl” (Amy Ottinger who is the actual Arizona Girl could not attend this weekend). Scott Schatz in the P-9, Brian Dalhem and Shelton Ogg in the P53, Jim Bandilin and Nick Granger in the P69, Mike Schatz in the P-92, Joe and Grady Lakamp in the 24P “Cracker Jack”, and rounding out the field were Andrew and Vincent Games in the P-550.

Cracker results for Friday were P-100 first, P-96 second, and P-9 in third. Saturday would see P-9 take first, P-69 second, and P-53 in third. When the dust settled overall weekend win went to the P-100, the P-96 in second, the P-9 third, and the P-69 in fourth. This was Jim Bandilin’s first cracker box race and he really got with the program on Saturday in the P-69. Not bad for a rookie. Jim normally drives his immaculate GN-8 Tin Man, but it didn’t attend this weekend.

Finishes in the Hydro classes were as follows:

ASH – 1st, RJ West in 80-C, 2nd, Tammy Dawe in 20-C, 3rd, Jean Mackay-Schwartz in 84-C

AXSH – 1st, Marlee Hill in 32-C, 2nd, KT Schwab in 62-C, 3rd, Amanda Rich in 53-C

CSH – 1st, Tony Lombardo in 92-C, 2nd, Jeffery Conant in 230-C, 3rd, Roger Hewson in 7-C

45SS – 1st, RJ West in 93, 2nd, Steven Dawe in 22, 3rd, Dean Comer in 37

SST45 – 1st, Jason Williams in 10, 2nd, RJ West in 93, 3rd, Warren West in 25

20SSH – 1st, Tammy Dawe in 20-C, 2nd, Roger Hewson in 7-C, 3rd, Mike Menter in 98-C

Even the doggies were out enjoying the races.

Big, Little, Littler

Lots of people including MBT photographer at work...

All in all it was a great weekend of racing. Everyone missed the classes that weren’t present, but that’s just a sign of the times right now. Most I spoke with had a positive outlook on racing for the 2010 season. The SCSC Parker Thanksgiving Regatta remains one of my favorite races of the year. As with most the SCSC races, admission for spectators is Free, so come on out and watch the action. SCSC has races tentatively scheduled for Lake Ming in March 2010 and Parker again in April.

Great place to eat too on the way home if going through Needles, Wagon Wheel Restaurant.

I have been a boater for the better part
of 40 years and owner of Rex Marine
since 1981. In my blogs I will attempt to
tell a story of each event I cover,
from my perspective and through my
photos. I hope more people will become
involved as spectators or racers as a result
of my coverage. Enjoy

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