I've finally decided it's time to sell my boat. I've had a lot of fun with it over the last few years, but the military moves are catching up to me, and it's going to be a long time before I get to settle down in one place again, so it's time to let her go. The boat is located in College Station, TX, but I am moving back to Quantico, VA during the middle of May. If the boat hasn't sold by then, I would be glad to arrange transportation to pretty much anywhere in between here and there. I purchased the boat 3 years ago from a guy who lived on the Allegheny River up in western Pennsylvania. He ran a hotrod shop, and completely restored the boat about 10 years ago. At that time, the hull was painted Viper Red with a silver metallic stripe, the interior was redone in marine vinyl in a red/white color scheme, and the boat was mechanically returned to top notch shape. At this time, a 350 Oldsmobile V8 engine was installed in front of the Berkeley Jet Drive. The Engine came out of a 1971 Oldsmobile 98 that had 60k miles on it. The engine is in great shape, and the oil comes out water free at every change. I kept the oil from the change this spring so you can see for yourself. Oldsmobile motors are bad about getting water in the oil due to the high water pressures of the Berkeley jet. I took care of that issue on this boat with a Berkeley adjustable water pressure regulator and pressure bleed-off ports in the lugs in the intake manifold where the rear water crossover ports are located in the cylinder heads.

The boat has the full Berkeley Pack-A-Jet kit, including the polished aluminum water-cooled exhaust manifolds, polished aluminum finned Mickey Thompson valve covers, and the special thermostat housing setup for a boat. The engine also has been modified with an Edelbrock Performer intake with a Jet Performance Marine Quadrajet carburetor. The guages are brand new Teleflex units, and the boat has an AM/FM Marine Radio and Cassette Player with a retractable antenna and Marine Speakers that work very well.

After purchasing the boat, I went through and redid a lot of the mechanical work with new parts to make sure it was completely reliable and marine spec. I've been using it off and on through the boating season for the last three years, both in Annapolis, MD and here after I moved down to College Station, TX. When I moved down, I also bought a used 1997 Eagle Spirit 18' boat trailer from a guy up in Baltimore. These are very nice custom trailers that run well over $1000 new. This particular trailer came from the factory powder coated red with chrome 14" rims and carpeted bunks. The bearings are in great shape, and have always been kept well greased. The tires are 2 years old, and have about 1500 miles on them. The trailer has a new winch strap and new rear attachment straps.

The boat runs great, looks awesome, and is in top notch mechanical condition. I have kept it regularly maintained, including oil changes and ZDDP additive every season for the flat tappet cam, and winterization every fall. I winterize the boat by fully flushing the cooling system, filling with RV Antifreeze, fogging with Stabil oil, and hand turning the cylinders after oiling each one through the spark plug hole. I also add Stabil to every tank of gas. I keep the Jet Drive flushed and oiled when out of the water, and I also flush the cooling system after every use.

As I mentioned before, I did a lot of mechanical work to the boat. The following is some of the work that has been done since I purchased the boat:

-New 3/8" Dual Inlet/Outlet Fuel Filter and Water Separator
-API Marine Starter -Quick Disconnect Battery Cable
-New Starter and Alternator Wiring and Connections
-Mr. Gasket Copper Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

-API Marine Alternator
-Berkeley Reverse Gate Cable and Hull Seal
-Teleflex Helm and Steering Cable Kit with Billet Aluminum Grant 3-hole steering wheel adapter
-Berkeley Steering Tube Kit
-Rule 500 GPH Fully Automatic Bilge Pump
-Champion Copper Plus Marine Spark Plugs
-New Bilge Pump Switch, Light Switch, and Ignition Switch
-Moeller 3/8" Fuel Shut Off Valve -New
-12AN Braided Oil Cooler Lines
-CP Performance 2x16" Oil Cooler and Mounts
-SCE Composite Intake Manifold Gasket
-Stainless Steel Intake Manifold Bolts and Washers
-Teleflex Water Temp and Oil Pressure Sending Units
-Teleflex Sahara Marine Gauges (RPM, MPH, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Volts, and Fuel)
-Berkeley Pack-A-Jet Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator
-Rear Intake Manifold Water Pressure Relief Fittings installed
-Liquid Filled Water Pressure Gauge on Regulator
-Chrome Oil Dipstick and Tube
-Dayco Engine Belts

-Jet Performance Marine Quadrajet w/ Electric Choke
-New Carb to Manifold Gaskets
-Napa Marine Battery
-Custom Ski/Tubing Rope Anchors, Guides, and Attachment Rings

As you can see, I've already taken care of virtually every maintenance concern on this boat. All parts were brand new and the work was done by myself. I'm a Mechanical Engineer that has been rebuilding and restoring vehicles for half my life. You can take a look at any of the vehicles that I drive as well as this boat in person and get an idea of the quality of work and patience that went into this boat. I built it to last and provide many hours of trouble free usage. The oil, oil filter, and spark plugs were changed in March, and the pump was cleaned and oiled at the same time. I also re-greased the trailer bearings at this time.

There's not much bad to say about it. The worst spot is the rear lower seat cushion supports. The plywood used to construct these has dryrotted over the last decade and should probably be replaced. Nobody ever sits back there and I've only used it for storage, so I haven't worried about it. The seat backs and top shelf, as well as the front and middle seats are completely serviceable. The fuel gauge does not work. The boat has a custom aluminum 36 gallon tank that was welded by the previous owner. It has no provisions for a fuel gauge sending unit. The level can be checked via the filler neck tube, but I've never worried about it. I fill up the tank before I take it out on the lake. I've never used more than about 10 gallons of gas in an outing. The running lights do not work. The gauge lights come on with the switch, but neither the stern or bow lights come on. I've replaced the bulbs, but it's not getting power to the sockets. I've never tried to fix them. I never use the boat at night, so I haven't worried about fixing it. Finally, one side of the plexiglass windshield is cracked. It got blown into the dock two years ago. You can bend new plexiglass to fit, replace the windshield frame with another one, or just take it off altogether. The windshield is an aftermarket addition and did not come on the boat from the factory.

I'm asking $4200 or best offer for the boat. You can stop by and look at the boat whenever I'm home. I'll be more than glad to start it up and let you hear it run. Serious buyers can also accompany on a trip to Lake Bryan to test out the full function of the boat. The package deal includes boat, trailer, innertube and rope, lifejackets, and other necessary safety equipment. The boat is registered through June 2014. The boat and trailer both have clean titles in my name.

Please call 3two5-2two6-three93one if you are interested. I can also be reached through email at [email protected].