I may have posted this in the wrong place before, I hope this is where I should ask this question. I have a 4.6 twin cam ford engine in a 19' Jet. Am putting a turbo (BW S475 1.10 AR 83mm with Air to Water intercooler) on it this winter and want to know if I can run the exhaust out the transom (single) without reversion/sucking water into engine. I will be addding water injection after the turbo to cool the exhaust, the plan was to run the exhaust down from the turbo then a 90* mandrel bend into the normal rubber tubing then out the transom. The 4.6 twin cam has a bit of overlap due to the twin cam 4valve arrangement. The turbo will be set about 1 1/2 feet above the transom. Thanks in advance for any help/info.