Need help with timing procedure. 1994 Big Block chevy 454 efi with a MEFI 1 computer. Motor idles great and pulls hard to 3500 rpm which is about 3/4 throttle but then falls on its face. Sounds and feels like its being retarded automatically...rpms drop. If you let off slightly the power returns immediately. Assuming all other engine vitals are good how do I time this thing? Apparently just turning the dizzy isn't correct, there are wires to disconnect or plugs to jumper ports on to lockout the automatic timing. I have no idea how to do this and can't find any useful pictures or directions on the net. In the automotive scenario there is a timing disconnect wire which I dont have..all I can find is jumpering ports A and B of the diagnostic plug. Dizzy is computer controlled. All fuel filters have been changed as well as pickup lines. Fuel pressure is constant through out rpm range and increasing or decreasing the pressure does not change the problem. Help!