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PB Open Water

Open forum for high performance boaters No Politics Here Please
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Races and Boating Events

Poker runs, regattas, races and shows.
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Off the Water

Talk about activities that happen off the water. Off road, cars, planes...
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Political Rhetoric

All things Government and Political(This forum exists only to keep this threads out of open water. PB's admin doesn't like politics and would rather not talk about it. Enter at your own risk.)
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New member Introductions

Are you a new member of Performance boats? Take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know that you captain on the open water!
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Tech Forums Tech information, boat type specific discussions, related events & conversation


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Jet Boats

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Outdrives and Lower Units
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GN7 On the Dyno

Engines, Blowers, and things that make power in honor of GN7 Bob, may he rest in peace.
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Paint and Fiberglass Repair

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Tow Vehicles

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User "How To" Section

Post your build photos, examples, and instructions here.
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Ask Our Tech Team

Bob Teague

Tech on High Performance Engines, Powertrain and Outdrives, Custom Rigging-Boat Tests
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Jim Wilkes

Tech on V-drives, Customs and fiberglass repair
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Greg Shoemaker

Tech on Jet drives and installation
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Boating by Region Talk with other boaters in your area.

West Coast - North

Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana
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California Delta, Shasta and North
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West Coast - South

SoCal, Nevada, Utah, Arizona
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Everything in the center...
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Mideast and Great Lakes

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Western Pennsylvania
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East Coast - North

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland
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East Coast - South

Virginia, West Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida
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Race Organizations and Events 4MAR11 - This is a new section for race organizations and groups. If you are part of a race organization and would like your own forum please send Performance Boats a PM.

Arizona Dragboat Association - ADBA

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Columbia Drag Boat

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N.R.K.A. Needles River K Association

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Southern Performance Boats

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Southwest Dragboat Association

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Clubs and Groups


Beast of the East official planning and discussion area.
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Hot Boats Down South

HBDS is a place for Southern hot boaters to hang out, BS, bench race and post upcoming events. The focus is on North Texas and surrounding States, but any and all hot boaters are welcome to come hang out. This is not a club or organized group. There are no fees or dues. Grab a beer and sit a spell.
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Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )

A bunch of people who consider any weather "good boating weather". New members always welcome.
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Michigan Hot Boats

Just a group of friends who "think summer" and love fast boats. They gather informally a few times a year at a few out-of-the-way places to drink some brewskis, burn some brats, do some bench racing and last but not least, make a few hot passes—safely, of course. All are welcome.
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Outboard Church

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Oklahoma Hot Boats

Welcome to Oklahoma Hot Boats, a place for performance boaters from around the state to share event information, fellowship, and share in the hobby of performance boating.
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Classic Hot Boats

Southern region-based jetboat and hydro enthusiasts whose events are tied to the United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. A member-elected committee oversees events yearly. This is not a group that shows older "classic boats." No dues; all are welcome. We are not associated with any religious or corporate organization and we have a member-elected committee who oversee the events yearly. There are no dues to join and everyone is welcome.
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NW Hot Boats

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WFL Crew

Wingers for Life are "guys who love our wingers," be it a TX19 or a Performer 18. Get-togethers are held on the rivers and lakes of Arkansas,Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennesee. If you love your gullwing, post a picture and join in the fun.
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Imported content


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Encyclopedia Discussion

This form holds the discussions accociated with Performance Boats Encyclopedia entries. Vist the Encyclopedia here
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Gray Water Storage

A place for everything... else...
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Test Post

Learn how to post. Posts in this section will not count towards your post count. test
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Classifieds Buy, Sell, Trade. Performance Boats offers no warranty, guarantee or guidance regarding deals made in these sections.

Boats for Sale

Previously known as "Boat Spam." This is a place to buy and sell used boats.
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Parts for Sale

Formerly known as "Parts Spam." Sell you boat parts, engines, drives, transmissions and so on.
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Other Stuff for Sale

If it's not a boat, not a boat part, put it here. Automotive, trailers and trucks go below.
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Trailers and Trailer Parts

Any kind of Trailer
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ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes

ATV, offroad, golf carts, dirt bikes and parts
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Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts

Tow Vehicles, Trucks, and any type of car... cool cars a plus.
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Vendors Talk directly to the boat manufacturers, part suppliers and other boating related service providers. Please read the special rules for this section!

Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section Support, site suggestions and help desk area.

Site Announcements

Announcements and messages from Performance Boats Admin or Moderators
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Community Help

This is the support forum. If you are having problems using the site or otherwise need help you can post your question here. If your question involves posting photos, how to use the forum or other standard features, check the FAQ section first. It is very complete and should help
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  1. I just got this boat the title says its a Nicson but thats just the hardware that is on it,
  2. SOLD......... Factory FORD Aluminum Super Cobra Jet heads for big block (429-460, 514, 521). Never mounted and still in original Ford Motorsport boxes. Excelent heads that flow much better than DOVE castings and improved from the original impossible to find SCJ head. Uses all original...
  3. V-Drives
    well we diid it.........we live on one of the most beautiful lakes in northern south carolina...lake keowee u can see down 30 feet n the water..take the golf cart down to r cove with a dock....bought back my blown stevens hydro i built....its n the paddle boards kyaks...
  4. Parts for Sale
    540 ci. Carburetor to oil pan. All new build, never fired. Estimated 750-800 HP. Dart Block with steel billet main caps, King M&R bearings, Scat 4340 forged steel crankshaft, internally balanced, H beam rods, JE small domed pistons, Hellfire rings, Brodix 340 CC heads, ARP headbolts...
  5. Push lock hose and hose ends. Most of it brand new. #6 #8 #10 #12 #16. Pictured together and separated. # 6 3/8" longest hoses 4' and 5'. -#8 1/2" longest piece 7' has fire shield on one. #10 5/8" blue 6' longest piece. #12 3/4" 2 longest are 3'. #16 1" is 4' piece of hose and 3 new hose ends...
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