Learned me lesson yesterday.
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Learned me lesson yesterday.

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    Default Learned me lesson yesterday.

    I have MSD dizzy...billet deal with locked advancer. Been having some idle quality issues....noticed the 'lock' on the dizzy was just a pin through lower plate and a c-clip...knock the roll pin out of the gear, slide shaft up a few inches..slide upper/lower plates apart, rotate 180* and the pin drops into a slot that allows it to advance.
    Don't have and weights/springs..went over to a buddies house..he had a basic old school points type dizzy...i snagged weights/springs and back home again....the weights fit right on same way they were on the chev dizzy...no fit if weights were upside down...put them on...springs were plenty tight so i stretched them a little...felt like the dizzy had about 22-25 advance.....and all in by 3k.h
    Had the dizzy in/out enough to know where it goes and can hit 35* +- 2 about every time...figured 35*- 25*....initial about 10* 12* and i stabbed it...motor didn't start clean like usual..had to add a little lead to make idle...put a light on it..flashed like 18* @ idle..wasn't to concerned about total timing....i wasn't planning on running it hard and it had 100 octane in it so if it over advanced a
    little and half throttle it would be ok..i was just messing with base timing and idle. Launched it and took of across the lake to warm it up...2500 rpm..half mile...slowed down for turn around...noticed some heat on my back...didn't think much of it...headed back..tagged the gas a few times,,,didn't 'feel' right at all...messed with carbs/idle speed/timing a little...nothing helped....noticed that heat again...loaded it back up, stopped at wipe down area..lit it off to blow the water out..and standing next to steering wheel..felt that heat again and a little wiff of hot paint.Got home..put the timing light back on it just to see where i
    ended up at...can't find my mark...nowhere..reved it up still no mark...kicked the light up to +60*..found the mark...WTF that's tdc # 2 and not even close to timing tab and about 10 seconds later i figured out that i was retarded.....Seems as though MSD in their infinite wisdom and a vested interest in proprietary parts.......and a sense of humor fits in there someplace,decided that chev weights didn't need to fit their dizzy...unless of course someone was building a motor with serious boost and wanted a mechanical retard dizzy......But i found my way around that small issue..dug under the bench for my old parts olds dizzy...olds rotates opposite chev....Poor motor..no wonder it was making heat...bet the timing was cranking back to the other side of zero...good thing i didn't hammer it..the headers might have melted off the motor....

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    Good story. Good to know.

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