Good evening to all. Got to run the hallet today. To bring you back up to speed; 460Ford, twin Ray jays, now with old style Banks inner cooler, and waste gates with 10lb springs. Custom carb has been referenced, 950cfm, 79 in prime with PV, 90 in secondary's with plug. From 800 rpm to 5,000 the a/f ratio is in the mid 12's. V-drive has 29's and the prop is a Kinsvater 12x16. No trans and the boat weights in around 3,500 lbs. Today it ran pretty well however at WTO it would only pull 5,000 rpm and from 4,500 on up it lost power. Not really a stumble but ran rough. Boat will only go 61mph. when there wasn't boost control the boat would pull 6k no problem but then shot up to 12lbs and would detonate. Could the prop be to much with the lower boost? Could the plugs be blowing out at higher rpm's? At WOT the fuel bowls stay at mid glass eye in prime and full bowl in rear. Any thoughts??????? Thanks in advance. Jack 559-392-6444