Hope everyone is well! I took a season off from the boat after getting the new engine in. Wife's new job had her travelling a lot, close family member is battling cancer, and I found other people's boats to ski behind! This winter I am hoping to start moving to getting the boat fuel injected and turbo'd again (boat previously had a 468 twin turbo draw thru setup).

Boat is a 19' Jet Crusader Hull, AA impeller.
Engine Dart block 540, Callies Dragon Slayer crank, ultra rods, JE Dish pistons, AFR 325 Heads, and a Straub cam. I think it came in right around 8 to 1.

I still have most of the parts from the banks/pfm setup and would like to reuse most of them, so I will probably do a T04 housing, but haven't settled on the turbo yet. My target is right around 1,000 horse.

I was going to go with 120lb injectors, any thoughts? I am also looking for a recommendation on the fuel pump. I have 2 tanks with -8 lines coming out that go into a single -8. I am pretty sure that is too small though, right?

Thanks All!