This is going in a daily driver Camaro but based on the rpm range someone wanting a fun lake jet boat would have some fun with this ol' girl. I feel it is a good example of that you can have a good running engine on motor and on the NOS...

Just got home, I am like a kid I am so giddy! Thrilled with it. I find the following three people so awesome, Steve Johnson Induction Solutions, Chris Straub (Straub Technologies) and Scott Foxwell - top notch guys. This is not a track motor, it's a 10.0:1 compression pump gas street terror deal. I drive my car everywhere on the street, so that makes what I need to be a little different than some.

Recap on motor:
Induction Solutions Sledgehammer plate
Gm 572 short block, now w diamond flat tops, upgraded rod bolts
10.0:1, BP 93 pump gas
AFR 335 heads from Chris Straub, Scott Foxwell did some work to them, they are same shop
Super Victor from Straub
1050 AED carb
Straub hydraulic cam, morel lifter. 109 lsa. 270ish/low .700's

To the numbers.......

On motor:
815.9 @ 6200
733.2 @ 5200
Made 629tq at 4200 where we started the pull, flat Tq curve. I'm sure we left power on the table due to limited time, this was not using my carb spacer, plate was on it, etc. I think 850 was maybe possible but I wanted to get to the bottle which is how I run the car.

On 150 shot, took 11 out

On 350 shot, took out 19 degrees of timing, SAFE first run
1,202.3 hp @6200
1,137.6 Tq @5500 !!! got Torque? Dyno shop / engine builder were blown away by that number, dyno is not customer friendly bull shit deal, he said that's a great number.
Lowest power seen on this jet was 1,181hp

I'm just happy and thankful. I will work the jetting up and timing in due time. But, this was a very successful day for me. We were going to go up another 150, I said no, this was good enough for me.