Hey guys. Trying to fix some old wore out parts and clean things up in the engine compartment at the same time. When i did the engine swap i basically jimmy rigged all my old mercruiser accessories to work on the new motor. well our power steering pump is starting to squeal pretty bad now and the water pump is leaking as well so I'm looking into just changing everything an upgrading as well. Been looking at the Hardin Marine billet serpentine kit for BBC. i like it cause it has a stainless sea pump and a higher amp alternator. Plus the chrome and billet looks way better then all black hacked crap. My main concerns are first does the kit come with good parts or reliable part and second should i go with the crossover version or circulating pump version. I know that second one will cause some big debate but I'm on the fence about it. Cant decide!
If any one has experience with the kit or the parts in it id really appreciate some feed back. this is all going on an Advantage 27 Victory with a new 502 care motor with a single 800 quick fuel carb if that helps at all.
Thanks in advance.