This is an all aluminum 621 cubic inche engine I assembled for Steve about 7 years ago, give or take, and was never run. At some point he pulled the dry sump pan off to have it modified to clear the starter motor, and I guess due to his health it was left off the engine for an extended period of time. I need to pull it all apart and clean it up, including re-polishing all of the aluminum parts. I mocked up the turbo parts yesterday to show what his vision of the engine was, it was planned to run on E85 and make huge power. While it is apart, the cam could be changed and the engine run NA, since it has about 10-1 compression. Just thought some of you might like to see it, I will be working with his son to establish a price for it to post for sale later, or if someone wanted to pull it down and clean it up, it could be purchased as it sits, brand new, nothing wrong but some dirt blown up in the crankcase.
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