was hoping you could help ID the pipes, what setup would these have been for race/aero exhaust manifold
Im assuming the water fitting goes on underside of pipe
the water exist some holes at end of pipe, assuming holes are at top inside of pipe

getting down to thinking about the the turbo setup for 509ci BBC

have some gale banks manifolds here with turned up risers at different height , however trying to figure out whether I could run the Imco powerflow plus manifold and use adaptor plate and have rajay turbos sitting on top of manifold

The imco manifolds look like they will flow 2x that of the Gale banks manifold
would like to run the 34" x 3.5" ID S/S pipes, although wont quite reach transom, and look to be on slight angle,

took a few pictures of mock up, as was thinking to fabricate double walled stainless elbow for the powerflow manifolds
thats 63mm ID OD pipe (2.8" / 73mm mm OD)

the flange on powerflow manifold is 6x4" and is closer in size to T6 turbo flange than T4 /rajay

in two minds what to do and which way to go with the exhaust manifolds

any suggestions?Click image for larger version. 

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