Tides are a powerhouse of energy. The tides can be converted into power using two methods. The first method involves converting the power of the horizontal movement of the water into electricity. The second involves producing energy from the rise and drop of water levels.

The advantage of tidal energy is that it is extremely reliable and predictable. The movement of the tides can be easily deduced, many years in advance, using lunar calendar. As such tides are highly predictable from both size and time aspects.

Another advantage of tidal energy is that it is renewable. It is also a cheap source of energy. Energy can be extracted from tides by creating a reservoir or basin behind a barrage and then passing tidal waters through turbines in the barrage to generate electricity. Tides are created by a combination of forces exerted by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon and the rotation of the earth. The advantages of the energy have led to greater investment in tidal energy project.