Good morning Greg. You've helped me make some decisions before so I have another one for you. I have a 20' Miller with 550hp @ 5500rpm, dyno confirmed. I have a Berkley 12JC-A. I took the bowl off of another boat so I can run my droop and diverter. The pump hasn't been looked at in 9 years but we use this boat every weekend at Shasta and we boat alot. The shaft feels tight but I just blew out a U-joint yesterday.I'm going to fix it this morning.So heres the deal-I want the best of the best. My family and I truly use the boat 4 days a week during summer.Can I get a complete pump with S.S. impeller, inducer, and all the right tolerances shiped to my door to take me through the next 10 seasons quickly? What size impeller should I purchase. I'd like an efficient pump and to hit hard. We do alot of 3000-3500 rmp cruising and we cover alot of water. thanks so much for your time. Obviosly, we like to go fast and don't want to get beat by my friends small block I.O.'s. They're close now, but I've got 'em by 5mph now. We just dig the jets. Thanks so much for your time. Todd Harris from Redding Ca.