Hey Greg,
I am getting ready to start a ground up restoration of a 19 daytona. All the wood, except the balsa core on the floors ,need replaced. However the flow coat over the balsa floors has alot of cracks in the clear.
My Question is, What is the laminate schedule used on the stringers them selves. They are 1"x4" and I cut a piece of the glass off and it is 1/8" thick, is it ,two layers of mat and one cloth, one matt and one cloth and how many layers may be over the balsa?
I would like to retain the original manufactured schedule. Also would it be best to remove the balsa and bond all the stringer glass to the hull and then re install new balsa?
I do not know the weight of the hull, but the hull thickness,on top of the sponsons , is about 1/8", not sure of the keel thickness.
Thanks for Your help.....Hal