This is one of our best run so far all season. Even though I hurt the 513 BBF on the 3rd lap. I need to thank everyone that has helped us in some way or another. Amanda Rich the kid responsable for getting the engine and boat together every race and keeping it running well. Donna for letting us do all of this. Vince @ Nelson Speed & Marine, Kent @ LifeLine, Ross @ RPM ENT, Paul @ High Flow Dynamics, Josh @ Independant Street Rods, Tim @ Place Diverter, Scott @ Foxwell Motorsports, Brad @ SCJB, Jack @MPD, The Burley Boys and Nick @ Nick Valore Welding & Fab.

2012 Western Divisionals - CompJet heat 2 - Saturday

APBA Inboard Western Divisionals, CompJet flatbottom heat 2, Saturday on Black Lake at Olympia, Washington