Hey all, about to rebuild my 350 engine that's running a 671 Weiand blower and wanting to know what compression ratio to build it to. It is in a family jet boat that does a race or two a year so it needs to run on 96 or 98 pump gas, has 76cc cast heads, comp blower cam #12404-4 but I would like to put an angrier one in, going to be bored +30. Currently it has been running 7.8:1 and worked well until the fuel pump got lazy in a 30 mile race, it leaned out and turned into a steam engine.It seemed to pull about 10-12psi boost with that configuration which seemed ok as its been running a couple of years like that and only has cast pistons. So the engine builder is keen to build it to 9:1 comp ratio and slow the blower a bit if need be. Obviously I will go to forged pistons. Will do crank and rods if I can afford it. So what are the thoughts on the most suited compression ratio for my needs? Thanks