I have an ultra 21xt that I need to replace the transom on, so I'll have the engine/jet out this winter. While that's all out I was considering getting the intake milled for a shoe and ride plate. This year I had the pump rebuilt by MPD and currently spin the fresh aluminum A- 5200 rpm with logs, center rise with full jacketed pipes to tips also going on this winter. I was at 64mph last summer with the place diverter droop/ride plate. This summer I had all new interior and the boat is heavier so barely hit 60mph and rode wet. I don't want to waste this opportunity to get the intake done, but also don't want to waste money if this heavy boat won't benefit. I have a regular droop that will go on in place of the droop/bolt on ride plate that's on now. And I will also mess around with nozzle inserts.