Piloting question: sideways
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Piloting question: sideways

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    Default Piloting question: sideways

    I know, I know, who wants to admit that they can improve their piloting skills? Well, I will for this question.

    While doing some repairs on my boat I ordered a part from cpperformance, and looking through the catalog I see a diagram of a jetboat being walked sideways, and the caption reading "you can move a jet boat sideways into tight docking situations by switching from forward to reverse while coordinating the steering." http://cpperformance.com/images/main/AA-Go-Berke.JPG

    The diagram show the wheel pointing in the same direction for both forward and reverse flows.

    Any practical pointers on how to do this? How much do you monkey with the wheel to get the walk sideways? I imagine the throttle is just enough to get the bow or stern to move. Additionally, this must be a lake maneuver, on the river I can usually ferry the boat into the slot without any problems.

    I find reverse difficult in a light breeze, and swinging the bow around in reverse gets more and difficult as the wind picks up.

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    PRACTICE and patience, this can be done and then you can amaze the prop boats at the dock.

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    The guy I bought my boat from could do that. When we took it out for the "test-drive", he did it when we came back to the dock. Pretty slick, he said it wasn't that hard to do. Just find you a cove somewhere & practice.

    I think I've done it before, but that may have just been the beer....

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    I launched the Miller at Whiskeytown last summer and executed that move away from the dock.
    Deb backed me in in front of a wake boat with a bunch of flatbillers who were waiting for their trailer. JUST enough room to float me without sliding into their bow. (They were tied to the dock)

    Should have seen the look on their faces when I hit the starter. Like WHAT THE *UCK???

    I made sure the wheel was turned away from the dock and kind of held neutral to start it, then just went forward and back and inched out port, then backed right by them.
    I was surprised that I did it right! They were all on their bow waiting to push me away, but they never had to. One guy was like "Awesome, Dude!"

    Drew some scattered applause from the launch crowd.
    Plus the 'billers got a pretty good dose of hair blowing exhaust from the headers!
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    Good story Tommy! Reminds me of the first day on the lake with my new Cheyenne a few years back. I met Ervin Capps at an on-the-lake restraunt, the boat was brand new, everything sparkeling, the band had to quit until I got docked. Of course it drew quite a crowd around the slip. There was the obligitory Jet-boat naysayer there, saying "yea it's pretty, but those damned jetboats...you can't do anything with them around a dock. They are impossible".

    Ervin didn't say a word other than can I borrow your boat for a minute?
    My answer was "sure". He quitely got in, started it, waited for the band to quit again then backed it out of the slip, turned 90 degrees to the slip then walked it sideways for about 6' pulled back into the slip backwards, pulled out and into the next slip down frontwards, then back into my original one backwards. Erv got out and looked the guy square in the eye and said "yep, you are right. Totally uncontrolable around a dock".
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    Yep, that's our good ole Ervin. Good story Ken. I can just see him doing it.
    Ervin has more years experience with jet boats than most people have been alive. He's one of my favorite people.

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