Okay I'm new to this forum and this is my first post so patience please. I just purchased a 1979 Dimarco with a Harman Marine 454 BBC and everything was fine until I tried to replace a leaky gasket between one exhaust log and riser. As always one thing led to another and what I need now are some torque specs. I have seen mixed a bag of torque values on the Internet so I decided to ask the professionals here at Performance Boats Forum. This is what I need torque specs for:

1) Mickey Thompson aluminum valve covers (replacing "another" leaky gasket).

2) Harman Marine aluminum exhaust logs (had to remove the whole log to get to one of the riser bolts).

3) Spark plugs.

4) Riser bolts (stud & nut actually).

I see that a lot of people include pictures with their post. Maybe someone can tell me how to do that as well. Doesn't look like I can just tack it on to this post unless it's posted at a URL. All my images are local and not out on the Internet.

Thanks all in advance.