After getting the carbs dialed in the boat is running great! Enough that I didn't really care about munching a set of wheel bearings on the way to the river. Then my friend who has never been in a jet boat before wants a ride. All was good until I get off the throttle and hot water hit our feet. That instant before realizing what happened and how to minimize or eliminate the problem defies words! We beached on a nearby sand bar and put the plug back in and drove easy back to the ramp. This is also a bad time to realize your bilge pumps have quit! (Working fine on the trip the day before)
I'm relatively new to these boats, but if you haven't done so, make a plan to deal with these unlikely events. I plan to replace the plugs, replace/rewire bilge pumps and test them often. In addition I realized that the isolation valve at the pump requires getting out of the boat to operate. the headers block access. Just something to think about