I got a PM from a very good old friend that I've been out of touch with for fast approaching 15 years, this is a guy and Hot Rod Buddy I've know since junior High and his 16' Tahiti w' Olds 455 was the first jet I ever rode in nearly 40 years ago .Any how as the reuniting and re-aquainting talking Old times the subject eventually turned to his Old Pioneer Comp jet boat "Squirten fer Certain" ,Greg says " has anyone seen it ? "have you ever heard anything about it ?" This particular boat ran Ming, Firebird and Chowchilla back in the day along with a few other sucessfull Pioneers (built right here in Atascadero by Steve Hall ) with moderate sucess, lots of good times and lots great memories. Anyhow long story short within 48 hours we were called at JBP (after the initial forum post) , Seems the current owner's "Pop's" (RIP) had bought the boat 15 years back and its been in the back yard for 14 years Although not for sale back to my buddy , The Current owner Jon is committed to a "resto" to honor his Dad ... Tom

Heres a pic for ya Too Stroker !