Happy Holidays Everyone,

Sorry if this offens anyone because it is not boat related but I had this thread in the Open Water and a few members suggested I should place it in the different forums.

As I am sure most of you are aware I have a very good friend of mine and my familyís had their little boy little boy Logan born with rare heart defect about six months ago. He has already had to go through one open heart surgery. If you donít know about Logan you can read all about him at www.pfprecision.com/logan As you can imagine this has been very stressful and trying on their family and finances. To add to their stress right after Loganís surgery her husband Alan was let go from his job and has not been able to find work.
About two weeks ago they found out that the conduit that was put in Loganís heart during the first surgery and was suppose to last until he was about 3 or 4 years old has already failed. So now they got the news that next Monday they have to make it to Stanford Medical Hospital so that their little fighter can undergo another open heart surgery to replace the conduit. Stanford is where the surgeon is located that did the original reconstruction of Loganís heart. As all of you can imagine this trip is going to be very hard them financially and I am hoping that we come together to help them out. Please go to www.pfprecision.com/logan and donate whatever you can. Even the smallest amount helps. We are trying to raise $5,000.00 by the time they leave next week.

Here is the link again: www.pfprecision.com/logan