Jim, we lost our grampa Bill Nolind last month he was 97,he was a real boater and taught more people to ski and enjoy boating than anyone I know. He would get in that boat and wouldn't get out of it tell everyones arms were ready to fall off from skiing.We meet my uncle Bob at the rest care home to cheer him up. My uncle broke the ice by saying to my brother and I you know Jim Wilkes he sent you guys a article on the Parker 300. We shared this with our grandpa,we told him that this was the race we help sponsor in memory of our father Barry who passed away last year. We told him someday we are going to win that race!! and were sure glad you taught us to love boating and be a good boater,its funny with all the things you could talk about after 97 years of life it was boating that cheered him up,from buliding boats and skis from a pieces of wood 60 years ago that we still have in the family today and that his great grand children will learn on this summer. Thank you so much for the article,it was priceless.

Sincerely, Steve and Scott Nolind