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  1. if you are gunna call me a "douch bag" then spell it right (douche bag)
    and i dont care if people i dont know dont invite me to the river because i go with people who dont waste their time on this webpage...not every boater is on these forums you know, and i am immature, if you cant be immature then what fun would life be?
    loosen up, stiff neck jew!
  2. want some cheese and wine? your name says it all... constant 840= boastful name
    you know that you dont need to reply to my threads if they bother you so much...
    why are you even on here if all you do is cry about other peoples threads?
    maybe you should be a little cooler because you are the only one that hated on my thread when all i was trying to do was get a little useful advice...
    and by the way what do you mean by my threads being insufferable?
    i dont think i have posted any old are you? 40ish? i hope it makes your day to make fun of a 19 year old...DICK!
  3. Full of myself? Wow. You are a pretty funny guy. You are the one on here friending perfect stangers looking for someone to go the river with. Have you gotten any invites? I suspect not. I have no problem with you looking for advice. That thread didn't bother me a bit... just about everything else you have posted is pretty much insufferable. As far as reading more and typing less... I have been a member of this forum since its inception; a HotBoat refugee (I'm sure you have no idea what that even means as you were still in High School at the time). I'm not going to check, but I'm sure your daily post average far out weighs mine even in your short time being here.
    I think I might use "yucaipa is gay" as a signature line because it is soo very hurtfull and mature... besides, I'm sure there isn't anyone else from Yucaipa on this forum. Douch bag.
  4. WOW... ill bet its hard for you to get anyone to go to the river with you...
    because your so damn full of yourself,
    does it really grind your gears to what people have to say? maybe you should take some of your own advice and do more "reading and less typing" i was just trying to get good advice, not trash talk. P.S. yucaipa is gay!
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    Where are you located? Ron
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