Just got this in a email. Anybody interested in having a meet at one if these events? Dear Boat Lover and/or Business Leader,

Thanks for your interest in the Lake Effect Boat Time events to be held on Muskegon Lake in the Summer of 2011. I have received many phone calls and emails excited about the events and the potential of drawing thousands into the area. The Lake Effect Boat Time Team has been busy brainstorming and putting events details in place; however, we know that it takes a community to accept the vision, give input and work through potential plans.

Below you will find potential press release and activity plan. Take a peek, but remember it’s just tentative. Events may be added or deleted.

Lake Effect Boat Time Plan 2011: Potential Press Release #1
R U Effected? Lake Effect Boat Time is committed to creating fun boating events throughout the fantastic Michigan summer-time. Muskegon Lake is ready for the 2011 Lake Effect Boat Time with major events planned including the World Record Boat Raft-up event on Saturday, August 20. Located in the heart of the beautiful Lake Michigan Shoreline, Muskegon Lake is accessible from any direction with many boat ramps or via Lake Michigan through the Muskegon Channel.

Western Michigan’s Muskegon Lake is known as one of the world’s top boating and sailing destinations. The 4,150-acre in-land Muskegon Lake is great for cruising, sunning, and meeting new and old friends for the Lake Effect Boat Time Raft-up events. A boat cruise through the Muskegon Lake Channel out to Lake Michigan is breath taking. Muskegon Lake is the region's largest full-speed lake, with public and private marinas providing thousands of boat slips and offering a range of products and services, including boater friendly restaurants. Along with planned events of Lake Effect Boat Time, informal and spontaneous activities take place all the time. Be “effected” and come experience the Lake Effect during the summer of 2011.

2011 Events: (Tentative)
Memorial Day, Monday, May 30
9am - Lake Effect Boat Time Pace Boat in the Muskegon Memorial Day Parade

Saturday, June 11 - Fun and Sun Boat Time Trials
(Make-up date Sunday, June 12)
2pm - Is your boat ready for the 2011 boat year? The Lake Effect Boat Time1 mile sprint course will be ready for you to prove it. How fast can you go? Boats will register by category and compete for the fastest time. Both Sail and Power Boats may enter this event. Boaters are invited to raft-up and watch the competition.

Saturday, June 18 - Lake Effect Boat Time Opening Ceremonies
World Record Raft-up Practice and Media Day
(Make-up date Sunday, June 19)
2pm - Opening Ceremonies Raft-up starts when Lake Effect Pace Boat moves into place, forming 2 lines of boats.
3pm - Blessing of the Boats
4pm - Picture Time (Event pictures taken for promotion of main event)
4:55pm - Would like to work out arrangements with the Lake Express High Speed Ferry to tie the boats lines together, breaking the world record.

Thursday, June 23 through Monday, July 4 - Music Raft-ups.
Boaters are welcome to Raft-up just off Heritage Landing Point to listen to the Summer Celebration music acts. (The Boat Time is looking into ways that we can help support the Summer Celebration.) Times TBA

Saturday, July 2 & Sunday, July 3 - Muskegon Air Show Raft-up:
Enjoy the Summer Celebration Air Show on Muskegon Lake with your friends from Lake Effect Boat Time. (The Boat Time is looking into ways that we can help support the Summer Celebration.) Times TBA

Monday, July 4 - Fireworks Raft-up
This will be awesome! Last year the Muskegon Summer Celebrations fireworks were the best in the area. This year the firework coordinators promise even a better show. Raft-up with friends and experience the Lake Effect as you experience the best view of the Summer Celebration Fireworks display. (Looking for ways that we can help support the Fireworks.)

Saturday, July 9 - Dune Raft-up and Shaving Cream Fight.
(Make up date Sunday, July 10)
Come join this wild and crazy event, but don’t forget the shaving cream. On the cannon signal, go ahead and spray. Soon you will be covered with the white magic of the lake effect.
2pm - Lake Effect Dune Boat Raft-up
3pm - Shaving Cream Fight
(More details coming soon)

Saturday, July 16 - Lake Effect Boat Time Parade, Raft-up and Supper
(Make up date Sunday, July 17)
Boaters are encouraged to decorate boats based on this years theme (to be determined), while we encourage spectators to watch from the channel and breakwater area’s. Don’t forget your grills. Boaters are encouraged to join other parade boats for a supper Raft-up after the parade at the Muskegon Lake Dune Raft-up area.
3pm - Boats line-up North of the Muskegon Lake side of Channel.
3:30pm - Boat Parade through Muskegon Channel
4pm - Raft-up Muskegon Breakwater
6pm - Boat Parade through Muskegon Channel
6:30pm - Supper Raft-up near State Park Dune Area.
8pm - Heritage Landing Raft-up with Cannon shot at sundown.

Saturday, July 23 & Sunday, July 23
Lake Effect Boat Time Water Fight (2 DAYS SAME EVENT)
The fun never stops as spectators watch the massive water fight from the Heritage Landing point. Bring your super soakers, and squirt guns. while you enjoy the Muskegon Lake effect.
3pm - Rafting Starts at the Heritage Landing Point. 2 parallel boats lines will be formed.
4pm - Cannon signals the events start of the Lake Effect Water Fight
4:30pm - Cannon signals event end

Friday, August 12 & Saturday, August 13
Lake Effect Boat Time Night Light Cruise (2 DAYS SAME EVENT)
The Light Cruise event provides a calming, relaxing enjoyable ride, as boaters enjoy friends while being a part of a fun event. From the lake shore “lit-up” boats cruising the lake will be a spectacular sight. Don’t forget your camera.
7pm - Boats will meet near the Shoreline Inn and the Lake Effect Pace Boat will lead the cruise, past Heritage Landing, past the Milwaukee Clipper, through the channel and out to Lake Michigan Breakwater.
9:20pm - At Sunset the Lake Effect Cannon will be set-off as the sun dips under the horizon.
1/2 hour after sunset the boats cannon will signal the boats to light up and parade back through the channel, down Muskegon Lake to Heritage Landing to celebrate the Lake and it’s Effect.

Saturday, August 20 - Lake Effect Boat Time World Record Raft-up. (Back up day Sunday, August 21)
Let’s make Western Michigan and Muskegon Lake the Raft-up capital of the world. Last year the boaters from Lake Cumberland rafted up 1,651 boats, we plan to beat that record. Boaters are expected to gather from all over by land and by lake. We invite all boaters from the ports of West Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and beyond to show the pride and camaraderie of the entire Lake Michigan Region.
2pm Raft-up starts. Lead by the Lake Effect Pace Boat
Two parallel rows of boat rafts will be created. Come and out and enjoy time with friends and family as we break the World Raft-up record.
4:55 - 4:55pm - Would like to work out arrangements with the Lake Express High Speed Ferry to tie the boats lines together, breaking the world record.
5:00- Lake Effect Boat Time - Boating Horn Celebration. Time to blow your own Horn! Let’s celebrate!

Labor Day Weekend:
Saturday, September 3 & Sunday, September 4
In conjunction with the Breakwater Festival and Shoreline Spectacular, Lake Effect Boat Time will like to host a Boat Raft-up and Boat Parade: Details to be announced.

Saturday, September 10 & Sunday, September 11 - Lake Effect Closing Ceremonies
Last Chance Boat Raft-up (Event to be announced)
Participant Discounts at Lake Effect Boat Time Hotels.

Our goal is to make the Lake Effect Boat Time and Muskegon Lake, “The Raft-up / Boating Capital of the World.” Come join the fun and be effected! But remember, It comes on quickly, picks up momentum and speed, and we know it's time to take advantage while it's here. Don’t miss out!

If your organization hosts an event open to the public and you would like to cross-promote please email or call me. Also please feel free to forward this email to area business leaders that you feel would be great at setting the vision and supporting our events. Roger Zuidema
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