I believe this was one of the best meets we've had in a long time.I counted 52 boats and I may have missed one or two. Five states were represented.Michigan,Ohio,Indiana,Illinois and Kentucky. One foreign country also,Canada. The weather was unusually warm which allowed everyone to enjoy the day even more. Food was catered in for 75 to 80 people and I don't believe there were any leftovers. I feel that everyone enjoyed themselves to the max. I saw no tears in any eyes but saw a lot of smiles and elation in everyone. I never saw a DNR or an Officer of the law the whole day and we didn't leave until about 8PM.I would like to see this many of you get involved in the Winter party which will be sometime in February in Mid-land,Michigan. More info will come out later. I want to thank all of you that came to Wamplers lake and made this meet so succesful. See you all later.Chet