Just got back from four days at Lake Whitney. Overall, we had a great time! Lots of skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. The lake is low, 519 this morning when we left. Normal is 533. I had no problems at all with my 25 Nordic except one scuff on the nose cone of the drive, it was waaay trimmed up so no prop damage. It happened coming back in to the launch ramp at Loeffer's Bend Park. We had the lake largely to ourselves. We were warned not to go too far up the river because of the level. We ventured no further than the Juniper Cove area. The McCowan Park area offered some fantastic sandy beaches. It was very reminiscient of the Lower Colorado outside of Yuma. It's exactly what we were looking for and is the best lake we've found in South Texas.

The not so good that I think y'all should know. I've been planning this trip for at least a month and I've talked to numerous folks about cabins, lake houses, marinas, etc. I spoke with the owner of Juniper Cove early on. I told him we were looking for a place to keep our boat in the water, a slip, overnight. He asked where we were staying so I told him we were considering a home above the lake. He told me that "those people were going to put him out of business." I thought that was kind of an odd thing to say, I mean should folks not be able to compete when attracting customers? He assured me he had a deep water ramp and that he reserved slips for his customers but if he had one available I was welcome to it. I remember him telling me it would be $10 a night for an uncovered slip and $15 a night for a covered slip. Based on the location of the marina we rented a house. I did tell the owner of Juniper Cove Marina, JERRY ANDERSEN, that I'd be open to renting from him but he didn't have anything that would accomodate the seven of us, we have five kids. I assured him this was about finances and not that I wanted to "put him out of business."

Fast forward to last Sunday evening, we arrive at our rental home, $150 per night, pet friendly, with a view of the lake. I call Juniper Cove to check to see if a slip is available and get the particulars of launching, the property, etc. The owner, JERRY ANDERSEN, picks up the phone and I remind him about who I am and ask about the slip availability. He says they're $15 for uncovered and $25 for covered. Now, that's not my memory of the price he quoted me so I ask "are you sure?" I said I called earler and I remembered different prices. Before I can finish my sentence he says "well, if you're calling me a liar then you can go somewhere else and hangs up on me. It takes me a minute to realize what's happened so I call back to clarify and tell him look, I talked to a lot of folks I just wanted to make sure about the price. I honestly would have paid the $25 a night because we had picked a place to stay based on using his Marina. He made it clear he didn't want my business and I was not welcome on HIS property!

This greatly complicated our trip. I had to do a great deal of driving to get to another marina. The folks of Harbor Master Marina, next to the dam werre very helpful and it cost $30 for three nights for a covered slip. I spoke to the neighbor across from where we were staying and he said he had a similar situation with JERRY ANDERSEN from Juniper Cove. The folks at Harbor Master also cinfirmed this is not the first time they've heard this story.

Just a heads up that I think JERRY ANDERSEN from JUNIPER COVE MARINE IS A COMPLETTE @SS! AND I HOPE HE DOES GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides that a good time was had by all. Great lake!