Soooo, yes I just got my 3rd boat, but first jet boat I traded for one of my 4 snowmobiles, I am an avid sled rider and builder/mechanic. But yet in my 47 years on this planet, I have not yet experienced the "jet boat" , and I'm already pissed off!! Haha , I hope that if I can ever be of assistance with my vast mechanical knowledge to any of you members here I would be happy to help and share what I know, and if I don't know , we'll , I'm honest and will let you know just that. I hope I can learn from you all , and I'm not sure why I didn't check in here with you before making the "jet boat step" ( I'm a mechanic , not a genius obviously) my boat is a 1976 sleekcraft ex jr. , 460 for. ( I can't hardly type it, I am not a Ford fan, and have had my ass kicked by f. O r ) you know !so far my jetsperience is not a good one, I have 2 other boats and docks on tahoe and the jet is in the water , but coming out tomorrow, please help me ??