Hey everyone. New guy here from the eastern panhandle of West "By God" Virginia. Never really had an interest in boating, let alone performance boats, until my cousin took me out on his sleek craft jet boat. Since than, I have had an interest and have been wanting one of my own to enjoy.

The opportunity came up for me to wind up with a jet boat last month and I hopped on it. My cousin offered to sell me a procect boat he had bought that he just doesnt have time for to complete. Needless to say, we worked out a deal with him helping me get it on the water and I took it. The boat is a 1972 Rogers that basically needs everything. The hull is in very good condition and solid though and the price he is selling it too me is great.

I will start another thread in the "Jet Boat" sub-forum about the boat and build so you all can follow and so I can get help, opinions, and assistance.

Thanks for having me!