Last weekend I took my folks and three families to Havasu; in order to take the original owner of my Hallet out for what could be his last ride in his old boat. Although the lake was perfect, weather could not be better, and there were not that many people, I needed to let other boater know about The Nautical Beachfront Inn. This is the only Inn on the water. It is really cool as far as location. All rooms look at the water and where your boat is moored.
Watching the sun come up from the room was spectacular. Knowing this place is rock-in at spring break and throughout the summer time, I was very clear with the management, I wanted to visit at a time when it would certainly be off season; dead if you will. The management selected the date and assured me it would be slow. Thursday and Thursday night was everything one would hope for. Friday on the lake was as well. Then when we got off the water we were greeted by three bus's full of drunk college kids. They were so hammered by 5:00pm, they were pissing off the second story, offering to show their balls to one of my guest's thirteen year old daughter, who was just sitting on her balcony. I spoke with a few of them and found they were part of a fraternity who was their for a frat getaway. The language being yelled was out of control. I've never been around such overly indulge, selfish people in my life. They were the very reason so many of us hate the under 40 group. That night, the paramedics were brought out as one them took a header off a balcony. The next night a girl over dosed.
Anyway, the point of this letter is that my group, as well as several others complained intensely and the managements attitude was that the kids have the right to say and do whatever they want, as it is a freedom of speech issue. One of my guest was so angry he went out and was speaking with folks who were coming up to get a room; telling them what was going on; thereby sending them to other establishments. Management said he needed to stop. He reminded them of his right to speak. At the end of the day, he and four other couples demanded their money back (it took over an hour to get) and moved to another hotel. I was stuck and did not have this option. Anyway, the bottom line is; this place would clearly prefer to have drunk dumb-ass's who don't even eat in the restaurant or drink in the bar (they brought everything in from the grocery store) then a clientele of folks who bring in great boats, buy the fuel, and eat and drink onsite. If an all night party place is what you want; this place is fantastic. If its not, don't let them tell you it won't be. They certainly lied to me. I have requested t conversation with the ownership. We'll see if I get a call.