Hello everyone,
Not sure how many folks still visit this site for info since Facebook and Instagram have taken over, but I just wanted to get the 2017 schedule and a brief description posted up here.

June 10th – Stroud Lake, OK. “2017 OHBA Test and Tune in June”.
1000’ and 600’ race course
Club membership is required to take part in the event. $30
August 11th-13th – Okmulgee Lake, OK.10th Annual OHBA Hot Boat Reunion.

September 8th-10th – Stroud Lake, OK. “Route 66 Outlaw Shoot Out”.
1000’ race course
El Reno “Smoke on the Water” rules and format

Questions or Comments please contact the OHBA club president: Robert Howe 918-758-7122
I will check in on PB to answer any questions posted here.