So the last time out with the boat, towards the end of the trip the drive got stuck in Reverse. I thought maybe the cable had stretched, broken, whatever, but I was no that lucky. Took it into the shop once home and apparently the "clutch" and gear set is toast. This is a '96 vintage Bravo 3, original....never molested. After schooling myself and reading up, it looks like Merc came out with an upgraded gear set/clutch for the Bravo drives somewhere around year 2000? Since the old style parts are no longer available, it will be the upgraded set after rebuild. One question I have is regarding the vertical shaft in the drive.....when the clutch/gear set go out, is it typical for that to twist the splines on the vertical shaft?

Once the drive was torn into, I got the call that I needed more parts beyond the original estimate. I was half expecting it since the drive had not been cracked open since it was new.

Is there something else that could have caused this vertical shaft to twist the splines? The shop sent me a picture of the twisted shaft.

I'm looking for suggestions, if there are any must do's, since the drive is opened up now. What is a ball park idea what rebuilding this B-3 should run me with new, updated gear/clutch set? And then also the vertical shaft?