Yes, I know what both are and have owned a lot of I/O's.. I am just now getting into a position though where I may need to do some drive replacement/upgrade and motor replacement/upgrade.

Specifically my questions are:

* what are the different types of mercury outdrives and what are the pluses of each (along with minuses) along with what HP can drive them...
* what are the stock mercruiser motors beginning with 5.0 and moving up - and the HP, pluses and minuses of each..

I guess at least one question I would hope to gain the answer to from this info is I am going to be purchasing a 30ft Chap Villain.. It has twin 454's in it.. This will be a lake boat so I am not terribly concerned about redundancy of engines like I would be on the ocean.. What would I be able to use to obtain basically the same power or slightly better in a single engine format - and what drive would I need to use along with that power.. Not really interested in the racing series engines as I would like the motor to remain as reliable as the stock 454 or as close to it as possible.

Hopefully this isn't too much to ask or murky in what I am asking for.. And thanks ahead of time..