Hello all,
I have recently purchased my Eliminator Eagle that has a 454 MPI/Bravo One. When out on the lake this last weekend, I noticed the onset of a loud squeaking, which I had thought to be my serpentine belt. Upon further inspection, I noticed a couple of issues. First, all pulleys are in alignment with the exception of the power steering pump. Its a typical, stock looking, saginaw style steering pump. I want to say (from memory) that the pump pulley appears to be rotated to the right, or toward the center of the boat. The pulley seems to be stable on the pump shaft. I can move it fore and aft on the pump shaft about 1/8", but has no lateral or twisting play. The brackets appear to all be tight, though I have yet to put a wrench on them confirming that. I thought that it could be related to my leaking out drive fluid reservoir. I found drive oil in my bilge, front of engine and swapped in a new drive oil reservoir a couple of weeks ago while performing other maintenance. Two weeks ago I changed out my gimbal bearing, gimbal ring pivot pin, tiller arm & drive fluid reservoir.

Also, when checking the fluid, I found it to be milky. It obviously needs to be flushed and filled with new fluid, BUT, I am curious if this all sounds like a familiar issue. I feel like the alignment and water infiltration are separate issues, but, the pulley is turned in the direction that it would be pulled on by the belt.

1.) I was curious if this was a common problem, or familiar to anyone?

2.) Do you guys think that the alignment and milky fluid are related, or separate issues?

3.) Any thoughts on how the water would be getting into the reservoir?

4.) Should I be checking the fluid level with the outdrive turned fully to the right, with the steering ram fully extended?

Any thoughts or input would be appreciated!


Nik C.